Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All seems to be right with the world...

I emerged from my doomsday bunker (aka Runningman's garage) this morning to find the world essentially as I left it. By the way, Runningman, you are out of Keystone light and puppy kibble. I discovered that Japan again won the World Baseball Classic. Whew! I mean, I really would like to see the mediocre US team win it all, but maybe they'll get lucky one of these tournaments. I was really relieved to see that the Netherlands had been eliminated.

All seems right with the world now...that is except that the start of the MLB season is still almost two weeks away. What's this crap, Bud? Why is Spring Training so excessively long? I was excited when pitchers and catchers reported, but I quickly grew tired of single A scrubs filling the lineup. Let's get with the program.

(Please excuse my anger. I haven't had "people food" in two weeks.)

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