Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where in the World is Runningman

So, I'm on week one of three weeks of traveling. Nicely this coincides with Today Shows Matt Laure "Where in the World is Matt Laure" Where everyday for 5 days Matt travels to a different spot. He was in Laos today, I am in New Mexico. Next week Orlando, the week after LA all for the Globex Corporation. What does this have to do with sports? Nothing.

I'll go SI's Peter King on you with a dash of ESPN Page 2's Bill Simmons with a pinch of ESPN NFL draft analyst Mel Kiper....(if you don't know who these people are google them)

A couple of things I think I know since being in New Mexico.

1. There is limited baseball on TV in New Mexico since they do not have a professional team in the state.
2. The NBA is still boring in New Mexico.
3. I really wish I could get into the NBA
4. New Mexico is dry yet I still have sinus drainage.
5. This conference makes me feel like I am Tom Cruise in "The Firm" when he show up at the tax conference in Washington DC. (my dash of Bill Simmons)
6. I'm very happy with how the Chiefs drafted. I give them an A+.
7. I give this conference a B. It would get an A but their interent access sucks as bad as Ocean's 12 sucked so I give the internet access a C on my scale of A to C which brings the overall rating to an B. (Bill Simmons and Mel Kiper combined style)
8. Canadian people are funny, even here in New Mexico. Funny in a ha ha sort of way as Joe Pesci in Goodfellas would say.
9. D-bag dudes who I have met who are from DC compared to the rest of the conference. 2:0.
10. On Monday I played darts and it was very evident I had not played darts in 10 years, on Tuesday I played darts and people considered me the expert of darts....strange, not Donnie Darko strange, but strange. My darts parter (note the missing N...that's Joe Morgan style) was this guy from Cuba named Renee who shook hands with his left hand. Yes, he was a dude named Renee and he was overly concerned with the dart tips yet I was comforted to know that I didn't have to worry about the dart tips since this was electronic darts and the plastic tips did bend easily.
11. While eating dinner last night at Pasqual's Cafe in Santa Fe, Clay said without prompting and totally not in the context of conversation "they should have a bacon dish where bacon is wrapped in bacon". Nothing ever made more sense to me.

Monday, April 28, 2008

And Wrigley Field will now be called...

As I worked through my never-ending pile of work at Acme Chemical Co. Inc., I noticed the flashing icon at the bottom right of the screen that indicates that I have a new email. This icon flashes at least 70-80 times a day. I go into my inbox and see an email from my roommate, The Yellow Dart. Knowing I am a Cubs fan of the highest order, he felt the need to interrupt my Monday with a reminder that Wrigley may not be Wrigley Field by the start of next season. The Yellow Dart's offerings for the debate: Snicker Stadium, M&M Park, Skittles Field. My witty retort? Boom! Tough Actin' Tinactin Stadium at Vaseline Field. Although he disturbed my Monday and reminded me of the likelihood that some faceless corporation is going to rename my Graceland, he brings up a good point. Here are a few of my worst nightmares for renaming The Friendly Confines:
Enzyte Field
Gold Bond Medicated Ballpark
Poppin' Fresh Field at Pillsbury Yards
Ballpark Beef Franks Ballpark
Best Damn Stadium Period

(The Ballpark Beef Franks Ballpark is the most acceptable of this lot.)

***Calling all Comments***
Comment with your best/worst names for Wrigley. There's no money at stake, no prizes to be won but it will at least make for some interesting reading. Remember to enter your name when you post so we know who to attribute the idea to.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Red Bull gives Reed Johnson wings.

I'm not sure if he drinks Red Bull, but from his diving-towards-the-outfield-fence catch yesterday in the bottom of the 5th against the Nats, it looks like he might. Did anyone else see this??? This was the catch of the season. Anyone else looking to flash the leather to impress had better just pack it in. That's it. Game's over. I know what you're thinking. "It's a good catch, but who the hell is Reed Johnson?!?" I'm glad you asked. He is an outfielder for the Cubs (filling in for the injured Soriano and splitting time with Felix Pie...mmmmm....pie....). The reason you have never heard of him, my friend, is because he has played in Toronto his whole career (since 2003) and he has a .280 career average. Don't be surprised if he starts showing up on those poorly animated Red Bull commercials soon...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The next MLB scandal will involve carbon dating.

As Runningman and I reflected on the latest developments in the Miggy Tejada scandals, we came to the conclusion that MLBPA will next be fighting the MLB brass on carbon dating of players. This makes sense, though. Major League ballclubs are multi-million dollar organizations. They invest millions in something as fleeting as athletic talent. Why shouldn't these organizations be better able to protect their investments? I would like to state once and for all that I am in favor of carbon dating for players. I'm sure that if this policy was instituted, I would finally have proof that Lil' Davey Eckstein is the Doogie Howser of the baseball world. I'm taking all bets on his age:
12 years old is 2:1
13 years old is 3:2
14 years old is 7:1
15 years old is 18:1
16 years old is currently the long-shot at 32:1

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ryan Ludwick has Derek Jeter eyes...

Remember folks, you read it here first. What Derek Jeter is to the Yankees, Ryan Ludwick will be for the Cardinals. No, I don't mean the most overrated shortstop ever. That would require Ludwick to gun for Caesar Izturis' job. Not that he can't get it, but he's an outfielder. What I mean is that fans will fall all over themselves for Ludwick like they do for Jeter. Why, you may ask? That's simple. Ryan Ludwick has Derek Jeter eyes. They are "calm eyes" according to some sports writers. All it will take is for Ludwick to come through in a "clutch" situation in the post season and my prophesy will be fulfilled. You're going to have to wait for this, though. Check my first post. The Cardinals will finish 5th in the division...oh yes, they will.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Philly Fanatic is just crazy.

I'm not going to lie...I'm a big fan of mascots. I find their cheeky hijinks hilarious. My girlfriend will be the first to tell you that I have the maturity of a six year old. I like to think of it as I am easily entertained. I was watching the Mets-Phils game tonight and they showed the Philly Fanatic. He was dancing through the crowd and throwing popcorn all over everybody. If I know anything about the city of Philadelphia and its fans, that can get you shot. I'm all in favor of the standard "I'm going to eat your head" shtick done by every mascot in the history of mankind. When did "I'm going to throw popcorn on you" become a mascot staple? That's just asking for an eleven year old to stick his size 8's in your groin.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

So-Tag it is.

A-Rod is fine. K-Rod is fine. I-Rod sounds like a trendy, high tech version of a baseball player, but whatever, its fine. D-Lee is OK. There's one nickname that I can't stand. Boston fans won't find this "wicked awesome," but ManRam has to be the worst ever. It sounds like a homosexual act at best. I just can't bring myself to use that name. Why not just Manny? Just about everyone will know who you are talking about if you just use Manny. In the spirit of this blog, So Taguchi may now be referred to as So-Tag.

How about this one? Jason Isringhausen...J-Is. On second thought, maybe that one isn't so great.

Not a baseball post, but kind of a baseball post.

I was on my way home from the office this evening and I shared the commuter train with more than a few Cardinal fans who were a little upset about the extra inning loss to the Brew Crew. One individual took it especially least I think he did. Why else would he be so drunk?

Let me set the stage. I was not paying much attention to anything when the train passed Busch Stadium. A guy and a girl stumble on. Here is part of their conversation:

Guy: Look at the girls on here. They're checking my sh*t out.
Girl: Shhh.
Guy (yelling): Boo-ya!
Girl (quieter): Boo-ya. Don't touch me.
Guy: You want it bad.
Girl: We don't do that in public.
Guy (yelling): Boo-ya!
Girl (singing loudly): I want to kiss you all over...and over again...I want to kiss you all over...until the night closes in.
Guy (yelling): Oh my god! We're going to get shot!
Girl: Shhh.
Guy: They're just mad at us because we're smart.
(phone rings; guy answers it)
Guy: Hello...We're trying to ride the train...She won't let me get off this f*cking thing...
Girl : Shhh.
Guy (yelling): Why are we on this thing?
(girl takes the phone)
Guy: We're in the white part of town.
Girl: Shhh.
Guy: Was that your boyfriend?
Girl: Yeah, he wanted to know where we are at.
Guy: Is he pissed?
Girl: No.
Guy: He better treat you right. If he doesn't, I'll throw down.
Girl: Shhh.
Guy: No! Let's have a showdown right here. He better treat you right.
Girl: He does.
Girl: Stop. You're making me hot because you're kissing all over my sexy body!
Guy: Boo-ya!

I'll spare you the rest. I love day games.

So, what's this all about

Its really very simple, my friend Captain Awesome and I talk about sports quite a bit and we wanted a way to capture a small percentage of the things we talk about. Typically, its nonsensical, and the discussion will weave in and out of topics like "how great bacon is", to "How Manny fell down in the outfield taking a cutoff throw" to "Why relationships are difficult" to how "Baseball is a good business process improvement model" to "Why is LaRussa batting the pitcher 8th and oh, Ned Yost is doing it too". So, this is a way to capture some of those conversations.

We readily admit we are fans of but this site is not trying to be like that site. We won't discuss stats that much, not that we don't talk about them or know about them because we do and actually a lot of my job is using some process improvement related statistics, also we typically are not going to tear apart articles, unless there is an article about So Taguchi. But rather our discussions and topics will be more random just like So Taguchi defensive abilities, the theme will be sports with a sub-theme that follows So Taguchi and sub-sub theme that follows the Cardinals and a sub-sub-sub theme that might mention the Cubs every now and then.... but really nothing is off-topic.

Why don't you like So Taguchi?
I don't dislike him, I'm know he is a good guy. I really dislike very few players and I think expectations of them are not reasonable. The players I dislike will be called out here eventually. What I dislike is the overvaluing and misuse of bad to average players by managers who are suppose to be experts and genuises of the game. Not to mention there is some essence or aura around So Taguchi, I don't know what it is, the deer in the headlights look after he misplays a ball or how hopeless I felt when he was used as a pinch hitter in the 9th.

However, So Taguchi the phrase is simply because he has the misfortune of having a name that sounds like it can be used in a sentence as a noun, verb or adjective either in a bad, good or indifferent way.

In Summary:
So Taguchi the player = Certain players with the odd talent of being very annoying even though they are probably good guys but who really cares if they are they are because they are still annoying on the field.

That's So Taguchi the phrase=A phrase that may or may not be associated with So Taguchi playing abilities but can be used as an adjective, noun, verb...really its all in the users intent. Its just a fun phrase that Captain Awesome agreed too and liked after rejecting my first name for the blog which was "I hate Brady Anderson".

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Least Favorite Cardinal 2008

Well, its that time. Time for me to announce my least favorite Cardinal for 2008. I was going to do it yesterday but then postponed for a day because I didn't want the NFL schedule announcement to steal my thunder. We have a trophy and certificate which will be sent to the winner.

My least favorite Cardinal for 2008 is............Adam Kennedy. The guy looks like he forgot how to bat and now he looks like he is developing Steve Sax syndrom and has forgotten how to throw the ball from his position as a 2B to 1B. His .219 BA and .282 obp and 3 HR's was suppose to be an abberation. I am skeptical. My only hope is that when Kennedy locks himself in the clubhouse bathroom to secretly sob away from his team mates that he remembers that this game is suppose to be fun, that if he is going to strike out looking horrible and throw the ball in the dirt a routine grounder that he should be having fun and smile. Just like So Taguchi did.

This isn't a title that is permanent, it certainly could change. Todd Wellmeyer is the runner up so if things start to go bad and Kennedy plays averagish (which is all I'm asking). Then I may have to send a certified letter to Kennedy asking him to leave the trophy, white out his name on the certificate and write in Todd Wellemyer (I'm sure Adam will know how to spell it) and leave it by Todd's locker.

Previous Winners
2007 So Taguchi
2006 So Taguchi
2005 Hector Luna
2004 Hector Luna
2003 Eli Marrero/So Taguchi
2002 Miguel Cairo

Gamers V. Non-Gamers

Wow, I really hate the term gamers and grinders, I hate these terms but nonetheless here my list. Basically, if you want to know what qualifies a person for the list I'll give you the code. It is Players that I like and like how they play and will stop and watch their at bat and they have solid stats v. Players that annoy me. Active Players only


P-Dan Haren--I weep everyday knowning that you are gone Danny. I attribute some of mention here due to the influence from him being on both of my fantasy teams.

C-IRod-Solid catcher, HR's are going down year to year now, but ......he's a gamer.

1B-AP-- Should he stay relatively healthy and should his age actually be whatever it is now he will be one of the greatest sluggers ever. The HR off of Lidge is one of the greatest HR memories I have (hmm...that's idea for another list.)

2B-Alfonso Soriano--Oh, he plays the outfield now....Ok, then....Chase Utley.

3B-Arod--The best SS there ever was, I feel like an idiot even commenting on him...what he volunteered to move to 3B? Oh, and he's selfish? So, the guy is a power hitter in a position where there are few power hitters and he moves to 3B a power position. Wouldn't that affect the guys market value?

SS-Jimmy Rollins-Ok, so he didn't really deserve the MVP award last year but still I like him so he's a gamer.

LF-Manny Ramirez--I absolutely love to watch this guy play, I envision that this is the type of player that I would be except without all the talent and hair.

CF-Jim Edmonds--An electric player who deserves his own post, in his prime he was a deadly power hitter and if he could have prolonged that peak he would have been considered one of the great CF of all-time.

RF-Rick Ankiel--Yes, I know he plays CF but last year he played RF. I have to ask, why was this guy pitching in the first place, if he's this good of a hitter why, oh why?


P--Doug Jones--Tigers, why do you have this guy on your team and then put him in charge of closing out games. Why? Am I missing something? Plus, I think the guy is a tool=non-gamer.

C--Michael Barrett--Cardinal Killer when he was with the Cubs.

1B--Casey Kotchman--He's one R away from being Krotchman, I'm not mature enough to get past this.

2B--Adam Kennedy--Howie Kendrick you are very lucky that Adam Kennedy plays for the Cards otherwise you would be on my list just because of your name. You too Brian "I have magic powers that allows me to turn my power hitting on and off" Roberts. Anyway, back to Kennedy, I hate watching this guy bat, always up with people on, always finding ways to get out.

SS-Craig Counsell-Have you ever seen this guy bat? There were times when this guy played and I really felt like I was a better player than him. One of these days we will have the So Taguchi Players Club which will be players who play with the essence of So Taguchi and Counsell will be a charter member. I'm so annoyed I can't even finish the list now.

3B-Mike Lamb--This all goes back to the 2004 Playoffs against the Cards where I caught myself saying, "Oh no here comes Mike Lamb"....I will never forgive you for that.

LF-Jason Lane-Much like Blum in the 2004 playoffs, the 2005 playoffs had me begging pitchers to pitch around you, I hate you for making me feel like that. Honorable Mention: Eric Byrnes.

CF-Juan Pierre-I can't believe he makes more money than me. Honorable Mention: Felix Pie

RF-Corey Hart-I think I saw you on the cover of Teen Beat.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Yin and the Yang

I am referring to the Tigers and the Cardinals. Forget that fate caused them to cross paths in the 2006 Fall Classic. I am looking at the MLB standings as of 4/15. This all may be a fluke, but I have a problem with the Tiger's 4-10 record when compared to the Cardinals 10-4 record. This is one of those things nobody saw coming. Its like when the neighborhood association shows up at your door with pitchforks and torches because the shingles on your doghouse roof don't match the shingles on your roof. You just aren't ready for this kind of thing and you stand there in your underwear and robe and helplessly try to explain the situation in terms people will understand. The way these two teams are playing is making me nervous. I picked Detroit to win the AL Central and the Cardinals to finish 5th in the NL Central. I know there is a lot of baseball left to be played, but things like this make me second guess my picks...just like the green shingles for Rover's roof. I thought they complemented the gray shingles on the house roof. Anyhow, I had better go quell the neighborhood...

Monday, April 14, 2008

That's So entrepreneurial...

The following are a couple of MLB related products that I would like to see:

1. World Series Ring Pops (Yankees, Cardinals, Red Sox, Braves, etc.)
2. Cubs World Series Ring Pop: coming, eventually...maybe next year.
3. Gagne Leaf Blower: Blow your leaves like he blows saves.
4. No. 99, a new fragrance from So
5. Miguel Tejada blowup doll <--This one is for my roommate...he's obsessed with this one for some reason. I'm locking my door when I go to sleep from now on.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Taguchi to the rescue?

Imagine my excitement earlier today during the bottom of the ninth of the Phils-Cubs game. Pat Burrell was lifted in the 8th for a pinch runner after a lead off walk. That pinch runner was none other than our good friend, So Taguchi. During that inning, So was gunned down at second by Kerry Wood during a sac bunt attempt. That's not what got me so excited (although it was enough to warrant a frosty cold one). My excitement was the result of an adrenaline fueled 9th. The Cubs took a one run lead in the top of the frame and sent Howry out to save the game. After two quick outs, Chase Utley smacked a shot to right field that bounced high off the wall. Utley pulled into 2nd with a two out double. Of course, the Cubs intentionally walked Howard with 1st base open. This brought up Pat Burrell's spot...the spot that was taken over by No. 99 himself in the 8th. I was giddy in fact, that I had to call Runningman to see if he was watching. He was not, so I got ready to give him the play-by-play. In the time it took me to get my announcer's voice ready, the play was over. One pitch on the outside part of the plate was slapped to the right side of the infield. Howry got the 4-3 to end the game. It was the expected result, but I was disappointed. I was hoping for more of a swunt. So made solid contact...even I could have fielded it with no problems, but it was solid contact nonetheless. Good job, little buddy.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Taguchipedia Thursday

So, its that day we all look forward too....Taguchipedia Thursday where you get random facts about our favorite least favorite player...So Taguchi.

I typed in "So Taguchi" in google and I get 154,000 hits in exactly 0.07 seconds. I change my language setting on google to Japanese and I get only 9,900 hits and it takes a whopping 0.27 seconds. Ha, Ha take that Japan, not only do we smoke you in the number of hits but you should be ashamed of your Takt time. More effecient my ass.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Worst Ballpark in the Bigs...

I was watching the Cards - 'Stros game this evening and I came to a conclusion. Minute Maid Park in Houston has to be the worst stadium in MLB. Some stadiums are iconic for their structures/quirks. Wrigley has the brick covered in ivy, Fenway has the Green Monster, and Minute Maid Park has Tal's Hill. OK, OK. You don't have to point out that the Juice Box isn't the first stadium to have a hill. It is, however the first stadium to have a hill for decorative purposes. I can't believe that the MLBPA hasn't thrown a fit about this. This thing is an ankle/knee injury waiting to happen. As much as I hate Tal's Hill, I do have some fond memories of watching outfielders face-plant on the hill. I guess its not all bad.

Monday, April 7, 2008

My least favorite Cardinal

So, every year I pick my least favorite Cardinal. It's a process that develops over time as I don't always have this individual pegged right out of spring training. Don't get me wrong I usually have the candidate pool down to 2 or 3 light hitting, no glove, over-valued players who for some reason I just don't like. The Cardinals to me are like a family who I watch every day, every day me and the Cards at a party called baseball.... and my least favorite Cardinal is that member of that family who does the worm in the middle of the dance floor of this party and they knock the cake over, yet they don't know they knocked the cake over. My least favorite Cardinal is that guy.

Eli Marrero started it all.

Eli Marrero who was apparently attacked by a bear was my first least favorite Cardinal. How do I know he was attacked by a bear...just look at his face, he had to have been attacked by a bear. But Marrero was my first ever least favorite Cardinal because he always seemed to strike out with the bases full of runners, always popped up, always put in during crucial situations, always displaying his swunt abilities, just another symptom of the disease that is LaRussa. But then he went and got cancer of the brain which was bad, but then he amazingly recovered and made a comeback to the big leagues...even playing for the Cards again.

So, it was 2003 (I think, I have a 9 month old sleeping on my chest so I really don't feel like doing research right now) and the Cards are at Wrigley against the Cubs. It was Mother Day I believe or maybe it was one of those years we had an April Easter I don't know...but the game never should have been played, it was raining, windy, I think Puljos went deep twice, hell I even think Taguchi homered, the score was in the double digits and it was only in the bottom of the 4th. Cubs up, not sure who is at the plate but whoever it is hits a sky high fly to left to Mr. Eli Marrero. Now, I'm not sure of his exact stats, but Marrero was having a very good year up to this point, really the fact that he was playing was just amazing but he was playing well, very well.

So, this lazy fly ball gets twisted all over the place by the wind, Marrero is racing in and has to adjust at the last minute and somehow dives akwardly and tears up his knee, ankle I don't know but he tore something because he was done for the year, probably his career year and it was over with and it was only May (possibly April, but most likely May). The stink of it all as Maverick would say in Top Gun (actually it really should be TOPGUN), the stink of it all was the game was called, Eli Marrero tore up his knee or ankle or whatever during his career year and the game was called in the bottom of the 4th on Mother day (or Easter). The game didn't count.

So, begrudgingly I took him off the list as my least favorite Cardinal....I had no choice, Cancer, coming back, career year, year ending and eventually career ending knee injury in non-existent game......

I will announce my new least favorite Cardinal by the end of April plus I will go back and historically annoint this title to a player on each team since 1980.

One last piece of information, after Marrero the title was given to Hector Luna who wore his crown proud and did not disappoint with his inability to throw from 3rd to home in a playoff game. Then came the One the villagers had whispered about since I was a boy, the One who would eventually turn his name into a noun, a verb, and and an adjective and maybe an adverb.....So Taguchi.

UPDATE: The above post has some inaccuracies that I will now correct. The date was May 11, 2003. Marrero had a severely sprained ankle that kept him out the rest of the year. It was not career ending as I mentioned for dramatic effect as he went on to play for the Atlanta, KC, Baltimore, Colorado and NY. Also, it was not a career year for him but he was coming off his career year where he had hit 18 HR in 131 games and there was some hype that he would continue to trend up. Furthermore, he was not in LF but in RF........and its not Mother Day, its Mother's Day. The wind was blowing at 40 mph strong and gusting up to 70, there were 7 HR, a grandslam by AP, two by Tino and 5 by the Cubs. The game was called in the top of the 5th with the score 11-9 Cards.

Will someone go to the gas station to get Chris Duncan some Funyuns?

This happened every once in a while for my elementary school pictures. I would think that the officially licensed MLB photographer would have done better than this. Was there a surcharge for the photographer to take an extra with Chris Duncan's eyes open? Did the Cardinal organization refuse to pay the surcharge? Was he high when this picture was taken? This really bothers me. This photo will be posted all over as well as the "official" photo used on the Jumbotrons in the stadiums. This is ridiculous! Is anyone as outraged as I am?

I have a blog so I feel entitled to tell everyone my opinions.

The greatest thing about America is that everyone feels entitled to voice their opinion on anything...and I am no different. So away we go.
1. The Cubs squandered a 7-0 lead today...but my rage is blunted by the fact that they won 10-8 in the 12th. Way to go Chi-town.
2. Runningman heard this earlier, but what is with baseball players thinking the fans aren't smart enough to catch on to the steroid problem (not to beat a dead horse or anything)? Does Roidger (see what I did there?) really think that nobody noticed that his stuff got better after he turned 40?
3. I have a problem with Rick Ankiel. Actually, I don't know if I have a problem with Ankiel himself, or the Cardinal organization. How does a pitcher (besides Babe Ruth) become a power hitter? Did the Cardinal organization not recognize his talent? If so, what kind of talent scouts do the Cardinals employ? If Ankiel developed this power, how? How does a pitcher develop into an everyday player with that kind of power? I'm not accusing him of anything, but I just want some answers.
4. Brady Anderson. WTF?
5. 3.2 beer. On this day 75 years ago, 3.2 beer was delivered to the parched Prohibition survivors. It was a glorious day. Have we not evolved in the past 75 years? (I'm looking at you Colorado.) When I come down off the mountain, I want my ~5.0% alcohol by volume. I know the air is thinner, but the beer doesn't have to be.
6. Canadian Bacon. It's not real bacon. It's bacon with universal health care.

I think that's it for now. If I think of something later, I'll post.

Has anyone seen the news today? has the headline:

401 kids from polygamist sect in state custody

Why didn't Disney make a movie about that? I think 401 Polygamy Kids would be a better movie than 101 Dalmatians. C'mon Disney, get your head in the game.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Look Back on Opening Week

Opening Week 2008 was a week of learning for me. The following is what I learned:
-"One more 24oz beer" is definitely one more 24oz beer no matter how blitzed you are.
-Street side hot dog vendors are almost as good as the ones inside the ballpark.
-I can still remember all the words to Limp Bizkit's Nookie, but I can't remember where in the hell I put my keys.
- The Yankees truly are the root of all evil and nobody outside of New York cares about Yankee Stadium's "Farewell Tour." (I know this is somewhat sacrilegious to say this considering it is the House that Ruth Built, but a whole year of this crap? Really? Do I really have to hear the ESPN announcing team get choked up every time they talk about this until September/October?)
-A midday hangover is easier to deal with than a morning hangover.
-Should the Cubs ever move to a new domed stadium, I believe "The FukuDome" would be a fantastic name.
-I really don't like Dusty Baker, Joe Morgan, or David Eckstein. (OK, I already knew this, but Opening Week just reaffirmed those feelings.)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

All is new again

Opening day. A day where I feel the year truely begins, where the past is the past and all we have is the future, where life feels complete and full, Where baseball is pertually always on (thank you Sportscenter with your 7 repeats throughout the day). This is a day that is now a family holiday in the runningman household. Opening day, I love you.

Captain Awesome and myself fell into some tickets and we planned to head on down to the stadium to get a few beers and lunch before the first pitch of the epic battle and yearly classic of the Rockies v. The Cards. It was Christmas.

So there we were eating some brats, drinking a beer down by stadium and then it happened. It stared back at me with sad eyes. The two 66's turned sadly upside down and grudgingly turned into 99's. The 99's grabbed everyones attention, and in a way it reminded me, dare I say it reminded all of us why we are all here. It reminded us of the Taguchi era. The era of the swunt, of the mighty pop-ups. The era that brought us a guy who always got a great jump on the ball just to have it hit 10 feet in front of him. Those 99's were talking to us they were saying go on, go on without me but don't forget me. Don't forget the magic of 99, the Taguchi spirt, that .

I was humbled and I am so glad we got rid of you 99. I know, I know it not your fault. You never should have been here, I know. We put you in a position that you should not have been in. You were not the disease but only a symptom of the disease known as LaRussa. You couldn't help it if you were put in for defensive ability even though you couldn't catch, field or throw....or even take the appropriate routes to any ball hit your way. You couldn't help it if Edmonds or Duncan were removed against a lefthander so that you could show off your swunt or swinging and missing skills....or mighty pop-up abilty.

So, we will move on without you 99 but we will not forget you.