Monday, September 29, 2008

September Nominees

My September nominees

For the STS HOF:
Chuck Norris
--An icon, a man we all hope to strive to be but know that we can never achieve. He should carry the mantle of being the first inductee into the greatest and most exclusive HOF of all-time.
--Hank Aaron
--The all-time leader in HR's.

For the DB HOF:
Criss Angel
-This guy is such a tool. His "magic" is easily debunked as all you have to do is go out on youtube and see how many people can easily demo how he performs his stunts. He is an extremely poor "magician". He is extremely full of himself and not in a cool way but in a major douchebag way. He is so bad that my wife has banned his show from our house. However, I continue to watch when I can just so I have something to make fun of.
Brady Anderson
-He would have been the namesake of this website. Everybody needs to take note of what I am about to say next as years from now when this site is way famous there will be trivia about the little known facts about TST. Here is one of them. The original name for this site was "I hate Brady Anderson".
He is the father of steroids in MLB. Not Jose Canseco, not Big Mac, but Brady Anderson. Sadly Brady you dragged Cal down with you. No, Cal didn't do roids or maybe he did I don't know. But Cal stood up for you saying that you, Brady, should be in the BBW HOF thereby getting himself banned along with Brady.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


I'm am going to join into this stupid debate that has gone on year after year. I am going to throw out my NL MVP choice and tell you why.

If I got the honor of choosing this year's MVP I would choose CC Sabathia...if the criteria was which player turned out to be the most valuable to their team. For some reason, a lot of baseball writers think this way. Of course, this isn't my view of the MVP award. I see the MVP award as the player that would be most valuable to any team.

So, who would I pick? Albert Pujols. Does this guy go through slumps? He has a bum elbow (has had it for years now) and he is consistently the best player in baseball day in and day out. I am not picking Pujols based on his performance in years past. Pujols is batting .357. He has 37 HR's. 116 R'sBI. He walked 104 times and struck out 54. He has a 1.079 OPS. This guy is a monster!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm really starting to love this guy.

Who? Hank Steinbrenner, of course. You may recall that I called him my new arch enemy here. Maybe I wasn't being fair. I felt bad about declaring him my arch enemy based on one statment...that is, until now.

From the New York daily news:
Many people have been impressed with the Dodgers' recent turnaround, one which will likely land Joe Torre's club in the postseason next week. Just don't count Hank Steinbrenner among them. Steinbrenner, the Yankees' co-chairman, ripped Major League Baseball's divisional system in a column in this week's Sporting News, saying that the format allows teams to make the postseason even if their records don't warrant such an honor. "The biggest problem is the divisional setup in major league baseball. I didn't like it in the 1970s, and I hate it now," Steinbrenner wrote. "Baseball went to a multidivision setup to create more races, rivalries and excitement. But it isn't fair. You see it this season, with plenty of people in the media pointing out that Joe Torre and the Dodgers are going to the playoffs while we're not. "This is by no means a knock on Torre - let me make that clear-but look at the division they're in. If L.A. were in the AL East, it wouldn't be in the playoff discussion. The AL East is never weak."

Old Hanky says it himself. He didn't like it in the 70's but he hates it now...implying he hates it now because the Yankees' former skipper is headed to the playoffs with a worse record while the Yankees are sitting at home. It is making him look bad. How many times has this happened before? Now that it is happening to the Yankees, it is an issue.

This is exactly like the comments he made about the pitchers batting in the NL. Just because a Yankee pitcher got hurt running the bases, it is now an issue.

Am I being baited? I'm starting to feel like I'm being baited. Does Hank know that I love to hear these incoherent ramblings? Is he just baiting me to post? I doubt it, but why does he feel like he is bigger than baseball? Why does he feel like the Yankees are bigger than baseball?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Return of the Great White Hope...


Acme Chemical Co. thought it would be a good idea to send me to Atlanta to go to a drug conference last week. It was informative. On the non-boring side of things, I took the time to visit Turner Field. It reminds me of Busch III. There were probably about 18,000 people there. Sad. I know the Braves aren't that good, but come on Atlantans (Atlantanites?). What the hell do you call people from Atlanta, anyhow? Turner Field gets a B+ from me. It was a good atmosphere, but could have been better with a better turnout.

On to things that I haven't yet commented on:

-What in hell was Brewer management thinking??? Seriously. Why fire a manager with two weeks left when you are in the heat of a pennant race? That was not done to shake the Brewers out of a funk. Did Yost sleep with Attanasio's wife? That's the only reason for it. Yost was good enough to lead them to a tie in the Wild Card with two weeks left to play, why isn't he good enough to lead the team to the end of the season? It's just stupid.

- Cubs clinched the NL Central...against the Wrigley...and clinched the season series against the Redbirds. What a glorious day this was for Cubs fans.

- The Cardinals got beat 5-1 by the Iowa Cubs the day after the Cubs clinched the NL Central. I say Iowa Cubs, but call it what you want: Cubs' B Squad, Hangover Lineup, etc.

- Congratulations to Rays fans. All three of them finally get to taste October baseball. (I kid because I care, really.)

- Farewell Yankee Stadium...although it was practically built new in 1974-75. It is still (partially) the House that Ruth Built.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lets Pretend

Lets pretend that you, the reader, are the GM of a baseball team in a pennant race. Actually, it is an opportunity to make the playoffs for the 1st time in 26 years. Additionally, who knows if you'll have this chance again because with baseball economics as it is, your top two pitchers who are free agents are probably not resignable. You feel your team might be fading but they are still tied for the wildcard with about 17 games left. Lets pretend that we are the Milwaukee Brewers GM and make a list of things to do to make sure your team has the best chance to make they playoffs.

1. Have manager throw bats into the shower after a loss to get their attention
2. See if days off allows team to go to a 4 man rotation and use 5th starter as a long reliever.
3. Try to remove the tension by joking with Corey Hart that he needs to change his name because his too girly.
4. Rent out a golf course during an off day and half the team go crazy just like in the Navy Seals movie.
5. Cry
6. Go off on a rookie
7. Have the team run out onto the field to the theme music "The Boys are Back in Town"
8. Have inspirational speaker give the guys a pep talk. Maybe Norman Schwarzkopff or Paul Molitor.
9. Have Prince Fielder go ballistic on Manny Parra again.
10. Code Red the next guy to make an error or if no one makes an error Code Red Ryan Braun.
11. Get drunk, sneak out onto field and turn sprinklers on to give team a rain out.
12. Publically criticize entire team except for Prince Fielder.
13. Start heavy negotiations with Ben Sheets.
14. Take a poll, find out who the least liked guy and cut him....unless its Prince Fielder.
15. Suggest to team that you possibly have worked out a trade for a famous Reds player. (Hey this worked when I was a kid, I thought the Cards were getting Chris Sabo, Barry Larkin or Eric Davis.....turned out it was washed up Dan Driessan.)

or you could do as the real GM of the Brewers did and fire the manager Ned Yost.

Yost batted the pitcher 8th which is ridiculous plus he managed a group of thugs and made me not like him but firing a guy as the team is battling for the playoffs doesn't seem like the best move. Oh well....I hate Brewers either way.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


The first for the Cubs since 1972. Milt Pappas, you have company. Big Z tossed a complete game no-hitter tonight in Milwaukee against the Astros. The Cubs and Astros hooked up at Wrigley Field north due to the devastation that Hurricane Ike brought to southeastern Texas. Zambrano struck out 10, walked one, and hit a batter in the rout. Cubs fans can collectively let out a big sigh of relief. Zambrano returned in playoff form.

As a side note to this amazing story, Cubs fans will love this bit of irony. The game was supposed to have been shown nationally on WGN, but was not because of some ESPN deal with the national broadcast of the White Sox/Tigers game. ESPN broke in to the game to show the bottom of the ninth in Milwaukee. Man, if I was a Sox fan I would be angry...almost as angry as I would be that the Sox squandered a 7 run lead in the 7th and 8th innings...just sayin'.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I'm taken aback by the loss of life on this day. It is overcoming to think of the total helplessness of those innocent people on those flights, in the buildings and those giving their lives as they tried to rescue one last victim. As a new parent it absolutely kills me that there were children on these flights, just beginning life, just beginning.....

I will never forget and I will never forgive.

Introducing The That's So Taguchi Hall of Fame and the Hall of Douchebaggery

So, this has been something that has needed to be done. I want to introduce two halls and layout the rules for introduction and expectations.

The So Taguchi Hall of Fame Bylaws

1. This shall be a list or club of people, objects, animals, really anything you want that is so awesome they are beyond reproach.

2. They do not have to be associated with sports, just awesomeness.

3. This Hall shall only be subject to limited reproach. No piling on with this group. They are TST Hall members and that means something dammit. To give you an example, whenever one of these members are brought up their should be a deafening silence like in the movie Twister when the tornado chasing clan is devouring their breakfast and they are discussing the different classes of Tornado's like F1, F2 and Bill Pullman/Paxton's girlfriend naively brings up "Is there an F5" and it stops everyone in their tracks. That is what it should be like when a member of this group is brought up.

4. In the presence of criticism of this group the TST author( me and Captain Awesome since J2T has gone Vince Young) shall respond with these phrases "Are you finished yet" "Can we move on" "Do you feel better about yourself now" and that's it. Do not belabor or validate their points.

5. Captain Awesome and I shall be able to nominate 2 potential members each per month. They have to be selected unanimously.

6. The presenter of the potential member should make their arguement. The other member should vote in the comments. These are the only two votes that will count and there should not be a lot of back and forth between I and Captain Awesome. Think of us as Supreme Court Justices delivering our brief. Supreme Court Justices don't argue back and forth trying to convince each other. Neither will we. We make our case for induction, the other person votes and makes their case for why they agree or disagree. Other people can comment or make suggestions for future members. This is welcome. Also, there should be no collusion such as "Hey Captain Awesome if you vote for Tommy Herr, I'll vote for Ryne Sandberg".

7. Membership is forever. Once someone/thing has been inducted they are a member forever and cannot be removed. Nor can they hold dual membership in the Hall of Douchebaggery as this would violate rule 3 of piling on.

8. I have to make this one last thing a bylaw just to emphasize its importance. Cal Ripken can never be in the TST HOF. The reason is because of his support of Brady Anderson to be selected to the BBW HOF. This was not necessary and very distressing for me. Cal Ripken is a great player, one of the best but I can not overlook this. However, he also is exempt from ever being a member of the Hall of Douchebaggery because of his greatness. Think of Cal Ripken as Fredo in the Godfather, he can never be part of the family but he can't get whacked either.

Hall of Douchebaggery (HOD)

1. All rules from the TST HOF apply except in the context of the HOD.

2. Voters need to be very sure that a threshold of true unreversible douchebaggery has been crossed as this is also a unreversible forever membership club.

3. Again, two nominations per month.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Palin Hot Pictures...

...we have none of those here. What we do have is a tasty, creamy, nougat-filled baseball blog.

(Runningman and I thought that adding titles to our posts that match popular Google searches would help increase the number of hits the site seems like a solid strategy.)

And away we go...

I will routinely disagree with John Donovan of on a variety of issues, but I thought this little nugget that he uses as a lead in to his article about MLB injuries was pure gold:

Tom Brady goes down with a ripped up knee, sidelined for the season, and all of Patriots Nation suddenly looks like a stopped-up Bill Belichick. The pained faces. The mumbled replies. The hurry to get somewhere else.

Constipation jokes generally hit their mark.

John makes a really good point regarding injuries in baseball. In football, a star goes down and a team's chances seem to go into the toilet. Why wouldn't it seem this way? You only have 17 games to make your case for the playoffs. Baseball, however, better allows for injured stars to rehab and rejoin their team in the same season. A team may hit a slump for a while, but they are not as impacted by injuries as in football. Could it be that the number two guy in football is much farther behind the starter, talent-wise, than in baseball?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


The way I see it, the Cubs can only go up from here. The baby bears have lost 8 of their last 7. That's not good. The most recent heart-breaking, gut-wrenching, soul-crushing, mind-blowing loss was a game tonight against the Cardinals. Unfortunately, I got to see this monumental loss in person. One bad pitch to Pujols put the Cards back in the game. That's not the frustrating part. Let me set the stage. Runners on second and third with one out. Caesar Izturis steps to the plate. Izturis takes this awkward swinging bunt (a swunt that would make Mr. Taguchi shed tears of joy) and Brendan Ryan slides around Soto on the fielder's choice.

I'm not worried about the Cubs and their post season chances. The Cubs have put themselves in good position to play in October. I hate to come back to this point, but I don't think the Cardinals are finished yet. I was an outspoken critic of the Cards at the beginning of the season. I thought they would be lucky to finish in 4th, but I'm not counting them out of the Wild Card.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I don't really believe in contraction of teams. I think that MLB needs to be very sure before placing a team in a certain market. Once placed they should have to stay in that market for a certain period of time, say 15-20 years or so. Then if there are money issues they should be allowed to move or maybe even exchange leagues if there is another team that is having money problems.

With regards to Tampa Bay, they have come a long way with me this year. First they dropped the Devil from Devil Rays which gives them a more traditional sounding name and not so gimmicky. If you need an example of gimmicky professional team names look no further than the Arena Football League. Then they put together a very solid team by drafting well and stealing young pitchers from GM's like Steve Phillips, then they didn't do something stupid like trading for Griffey Jr. indicating that their current management has a confidence in the competitive direction that this team is going. Lastly, it looks like they are going to keep the Yankees out of the playoffs which is great. All that is left for them to do as far as I am concerned is build a new outdoor stadium. Winning a world series would be great but the stadium they have has to go.

The Nationals never should have moved to Washington, they should have stayed in Canada eh, or moved to a city that wasn't in such close competition with NY and Baltimore. That may be easier said than done, I realize. Maybe move into N. Carolina. What I would be in support of is a secondary professional league that would allow relegation of teams like Washington to this league and the promotion of the secondary league winner to the MLB. Then there is real punishment for teams/players that finish with the poorest record.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My apologies to Tampa Bay.

In the latest edition of ESPN The Magazine, Mike Greeny (of Mike and Mike) states that a year ago he thought the Rays should be contracted. I have felt this way as well. Maybe I have been too hard on the Rays. I have an open mind and I am willing to see other points of view. In this case, the other point of view might actually be my own. The Rays have become a relevant ballclub in the course of one season (I place the credit with Maddon's glasses). This Rays team could be an integral part of season that leaves both Boston and New York out of the playoffs (I would love to see that). I may even find myself rooting for these Rays.

If we want to talk contraction, I have one team in mind that shouldn't be a surprise. Washington. As the Expos, they were on the chopping block. As the Nationals, they are equally as crappy and should be in danger if MLB decides to move forward with contraction. I'm not sure which other team I could contract if it were my decision. I'm looking at the Marlins. Runningman, any thoughts on contraction?

Moral of the story: I'm sorry Tampa Bay. I will be really sorry if the Rays are the main reason that the Red Sox and Yankees miss the playoffs.

Replay away!

A-Rod's 549th HR went under the MLB microscope tonight at Tropicana Field. I'm not feeding any conspiracy theory and I'm not suggesting anything by making this statement, but what are the odds that the first reviewed home run would involve the Yankees? (I know, the odds are 1 in 30.)

On a side tangent, I hate the way that the media decides that everyone in the nation wants to see either a Yankees or Red Sox game (I'm looking at you ESPN). If you live on the east coast, I'm happy for you. You get to see a lot of relevant games. If you are anywhere west of Pennsylvania, I feel for you. I'm sure your baseball interests lie outside of the AL East, but good luck seeing any games outside the AL East on national media.

Back to the matter at hand. The announcers on YES said that the replay review took roughly 2 minutes. This is just about the target time set by MLB. I think their ideal time would be 1:30, but close enough. Anyhow, good job to you MLB. You certainly delivered on your promise of the instant replay...let's just hope this doesn't turn into another point of drama along the way. (I'm waiting for the first blown call to be upheld when the replay is inconclusive...or worse, when the replay shows otherwise...)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Justice! Sweet F'ing justice!

If you want to know what I am so giddy about, just follow this link.


So, someone at WGN has some brains. The debut of the new 90210 will be preempted by...The Astros at the Cubs. This will push the 90210 debut back to 10:30 or so. While I'm certain that the new 90210 will be compelling (Don't believe me? Google "Shenae Grimes" and then come back and we'll talk.), someone figured out that the Cubbies against the Astros will probably rake in higher ratings.

Can we get that kind of service the next time this President or any other decides to give a State of the Union Address?