Friday, April 17, 2009

WBC Bashing Time

Dice-K. Injured.

Blame the f'ing WBC. Go ahead. Oh, you already did...

According to the Boston Globe, "the team" is blaming Daisuke's injury on the WBC. How about this? Instead of bitching, teams that have players that are to play in the WBC should begin training them for competitive baseball earlier. I'm tired of every injury to a WBC participant blamed on the WBC. It's like the media is waiting for one of these players to be injured so they can call for the end of the WBC.

My dream scenario would play out as such:
A Yankee is hurt in the regular season after playing in the WBC. Hank Steinbrenner would storm into Selig's office and demand an end to this "pathetic hoedown" (his words). Selig would then punch him square in the face. It wouldn't just be any punch, though. It would be the wussiest punch ever thrown by a man. This would develop into the wussiest fight ever between two men. This goes on until both men are even too tired to lift their arms which point the Incredible Hulk enters and punches them both in the face.
The End

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