Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I defended a Cardinal

...a couple of posts ago. I told a good friend today that post was a result of the part of my personality that is generally a baseball fan. The part of my personality that is a dedicated Cubs fan must have been asleep at the time. Well, that snarky Cubs fan personality is awake and ready to deal.

St. Louis has become San Francisco east. What do I mean by this? The Cardinals look a little fruity with the new 'staches [that's how the cool kids in the 'Lou (that's how the cool kids say St. Louis) say mustache] that they are sporting. Maybe Duncan got out just in time... Poor Colby Rasmus has this thin, hispanic-looking mustache. I can only assume that it is because he can't grow a full mustache. Chris Carpenter looks like a tool. Skip Schumacher just looks queer. Albert...still has the complaints.

The reason I am so militant against this is because it looks ridiculous. It's like the "cool" kids in high school who decided to grow their hair out. They just looked like dinks...and so do the Cardinals.

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