Monday, May 25, 2009

Some thoughts on the first quarter of the season...

- ManRam's positive test for human chorionic gonadotropin wasn't entirely surprising. I like his defense that he has passed many previous drug tests. Yep, that exactly the desired result of designer steroids. With MLB and steroids, you are guilty until proven innocent. Sorry folks, that's just the time we live in right now.

- San Diego's current 10-game winning streak is surprising. There were much better odds at the beginning of the season that San Diego would experience several 10-game losing streaks. Do I want to jump on the Padre's bandwagon? No. No, I don't.

- A-Rod's leaked positive PEDs test was not surprising, but it was somewhat disappointing. Everyone had hoped that A-Rod would be the anti-Bonds and erase all the steroid-tainted records in the books. What isn't surprising is that A-Rod came back from injury and is tearing it up. That's just what he does.

- If PED evidence was ever found against Albert Pujols, the city of St. Louis would cease to exist. Really. It would.

- If PED evidence was ever found against Ken Griffey Jr., MLB would cease to exist. Really. It would.

- Greinke is a moster. What else is there to say about this guy? Although I hate W-L records for pitchers, this guy is 7-1 for the Royals. Let me say that again. This guy is 7-1 for the Royals.

- I haven't heard too much about "The House that Jeter Built" recently, but I found the homerun friendly Yankee Stadium hilarious. I think New York almost experienced a riot.

- I would like to reiterate my hope that Jeter's name was on the 104 positives of the PED survey in '03. Yankee fans worship that guy. I hate him. He's on my list. (Hmmm...maybe I need to publish my list. I've forgotten everyone that's on it.)

- The Rays found out that the loss of the DH isn't disasterous. You hear that Hank Steinbrenner? Sonnanstine didn't injure himself by batting and having to run the bases.

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