Wednesday, March 26, 2008


From wikipedia:

He originally requested to wear the number 6, but he couldn't because it was retired for Stan Musial, nor could he turn 6 upside down because 9 is retired for Enos Slaughter. He could not wear the number he had at the Olympics because 1 was retired for Ozzie Smith. He was also unable to double 6 as Rick Ankiel was on the roster that year. Finally he decided to become 99.

I am going to assume all of this is true because it comes from the internet which is always accurate. I love the fact that he requested not only the greatest Cardinal player of all-times number but the number of one of the top 10 players of all time. Plus, I really think this shows So's limited math skills and his potential lack of patience, what about dividing 6 in half to get 3, or squaring 6 to get 36, or double 6 to get 12. I could go on and on people, there is no end.....6 times 3 gets 18, 100-6 could have gotten him number 94, 6 plus 33 (his age when he joined the Cards) gives him number.........

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