Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Congratulations Philly!

This is just a phantastic win phor the phans of Philadelphia.
(I'm already tired of using the "ph" instead of the letter "f" in their headlines.)

A special congratulations goes out to our little buddy, So. Way to go, So! You did it. You got another ring and you didn't have to do a damn thing. You didn't even see one pitch in the series. Truly an inspiration to the children.

Do you know what else is an inspiration to the children? From So's Wikipedia entry:
Taguchi learned English from his wife Emiko, a former television reporter who speaks it fluently. He also practiced by watching films such as Finding Nemo and Monsters, Inc.

Reporter: So, you just won the World Series. What are you going to do now?
So Tag: I'm going to Disney Worrd to see my friends Nemo, Marrin, Surry and Mike Wazowski!
Reporter: OK then.

(I apologize for the insensitive joke about the way that Asians can't pronounce "L" sounds. I feel bad about making the joke...just not bad enough to go back and take it out.)

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