Thursday, October 16, 2008

World Baseball Classic

2009 will be the second incarnation of the WBC. Japan will get the chance to defend their title. I have a few questions/comments regarding the WBC before I get geared up for it this March.

- Why can't they play it after the MLB season? Perhaps in November. Maybe in January? Why does it have to be in March and mess up Spring Training?

- If I were to purchase a Cuba jersey and wear it around, would people label me a communist? I think they probably would because I don't look hispanic at all.

- Why don't they have tighter restrictions on what team players can play for? I know it wouldn't be fair to say that you had to play for the country in which you last played. The US would probably clean up every year (that and Team Canada would essentially be the Blue Jays). Why can't they make it that you had to be born in that country to play for the team. Or, you have to have citizenship in the country you wish to play for.

- Going along with the above comment, why was Mike Piazza able to play for the Italians?

- Everyone is high on Japan because they have "good fundamentals." That's boring. The WNBA tried to make the case that the sound fundamentals made up for the inability to dunk. We see where that got them.

- I apologize for the WNBA joke. It was low-hanging fruit, but I couldn't resist. Plus, I like comparing the Japanese baseball team to the WNBA.

- If Fukudome bats over .250 for Japan, I'm going to be really pissed.

- Finally, who decided that the Netherlands gets a team? C'mon!

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