Tuesday, October 28, 2008


...got it right...without a doubt...100 percent...unequivocally. OK, maybe somewhat equivocally.

Sure, BJ Upton needed a snorkel for his steal of second in the top of the 6th.

OK, so maybe Ryan Howard needed some fly fishing waders at first.

Philly fans should not complain. This arrangement played right into Shane Victorino's hands. He's probably used to this from the monsoons in Hawaii (Hawaii does have monsoons, doesn't it?)

Nevertheless, Bud Selig made the right call. Everyone I talked to today kept saying, "What about the hotel arrangements?" or "What about the fans? Are they going to want to come back for 3.5 innings?" or "How are they going to handle beer sales if they usually cut them off after the seventh?"

Actually, the last question was my own. The others I don't care about. Why worry about inconveniencing 45,000 or so fans when you have hundreds of millions to really worry about. Who the hell wants to see the World Series end because of inclement weather? This would have been worse than a tie in the All-Star Game. I say "Way to go, Bud."

By the way, Mr. Selig, when can Carlos Pena expect his fruit basket with 'Thank You' card? You do realize that he bailed you out from having to toss aside the MLB rulebook for the integrity of the World Series. Bud, you owe Mr. Pena.

***UPDATE*** Wrong Carlos. I originally (mistakenly) typed Carlos Ruiz in the paragraph above.

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