Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cards sign Trevor Miller

This is a good move, and the first step in of a three pronged process that gets the Cards back into competition in the Central or as I like to call it the NL North + the Astros. The three pronged process is:
Step 1: Lefty out of the bullpen
Step 2: Signing or trading for an Ace starter such as Peavy
Step 3: Signing Brian Fuentes

But I will go ahead and say it "Mission Accomplished"

On another note, this falls into the category of "things I do when I run my fake franchise on OOTP/Madden". I always go out and try to get Trever Miller. Other members of this category are the trading of Elvis Grbac from the 49ers to the Chiefs. Grbac was a member of my Madden Chiefs franchise years before he was an actual member of the Chiefs. Sadly however, the Chiefs never went out and got Rodney Hampton who was always my featured back.

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