Monday, November 17, 2008

The end of an era...

I'm depressed. The inspiration for this blog has decided to hang it up. The guys at FJM have decided to call it quits. I'll never forget their shameless and never-ending jabs at Joe Morgan, David Eckstein, Hatguy, Joe Morgan, Darin Erstad, Tim McCarver, Joe Morgan, John Kruk, Carl Ravech, Joe Morgan, Chris Berman (from time to time), Buster Olney, Joe Morgan, Bruce Jenkins, Jay Mohr, and others. But most of all, I won't forget the snarky digs at Joe Morgan. It's a sad day ladies and gents.

Also on the note of ending eras, Woody is leaving Chicago quite unceremoniously. If he ends up in St. Louis, I will have a great conflict of interest. I want to cheer him because he's Woody. I can't cheer him because he's wearing red. This would be like Abraham Lincoln, living in the 1980's, defecting to become a general of the Red Army. You gotta like the guy 'cause he's Lincoln. But, again, he's wearing red so you feel that you are betraying yourself by rooting for him. Please, please, please, Woody, don't go to the Redbirds....please.

On the brighter side, Pujols won the 2008 NL MVP. I guess there is hope for the world. The baseball writers realized that the best player in the league doesn't necessarily have to come from a playoff team. I have a more optimistic outlook on the future now.

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