Monday, November 3, 2008

Hot mustn't touch...

So far, the Brewers have made the biggest headlines this Hot Stove season...but only because they are the sole team with negotiating rights to C.C. Sabathia. (Oops, I mean CC Sabathia.) Reportedly, the 'Crew have offered CC $100 mil over either 4 or 5 years. CC would be a giant moron to take that offer. Don't get me wrong. That's a lot of scratch. Considering the chatter out there about CC, he's gonna take in much more than $100 million.

But let's not kid ourselves. I have a theory that all of this CC Sabathia, Mark Texeria, and ManRam (still hate that nickname) nonsense is done as a smokescreen. There are some very valuable players out there that won't go for $100 mil. So, I know what you're wanting to ask. Cap, what are the real Hot Stove stories this year? Well, sit down there little missy because school is in session.

- Will the Cardinals be able to move Adam Kennedy? My crystal (base)ball says yes. Why? Whomever gets the prized possession that is Adam Kennedy also gets career .276 BA and career .707 OPS. The lucky team would get all this for the rock-bottom price of $4M (Assuming that the Cards eating some of that contract is not part of the deal).

- Where will David "X Factor" (according to his Wikipedia page) Eckstein end up? Let me ask you this hypothetical question. What would you pay for a hustler with an enlarged heart and gritty DNA? I have that right, don't I? Big heart? Check. Gritty DNA? Check. One who hustles? Check. Let me ask you this. What would you pay for intangible skills?

in·tan·gi·ble: -adjective
not definite or clear to the mind

- Oh where, oh where will So Taguchi go? He's playoff tested. He has 2 WS rings. Stay tuned, folks to your unbiased, exclusive So Taguchi news source for updates!

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