Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lets focus on some sports now

Congratulations to President-elect Barack Obama. Probably the most well-organized campaign ever.

Hopefully the mainstream media will stop fawning over him sometime over the next 8 years.

On that note I will make some predictions :

-Israel will be hyper sensitive to Iran and they will go to war in the next year as Israel will now have to fend for itself(sorry, sorry back to sports).

-The Cards will not get rid of Adam Kennedy. Why won't they? I have no idea. He was my least favorite Cardinal last year and he is the leading candidate to be named my least favorite Cardinal of 2009. Trade him, cut him, DFA him, I don't care as long as he is not a Cardinal. Same goes for Izzy.
-The Cubs will make the mistake of thinking their players don't age and stick with what works and presto they'll finish in 2nd, no they'll win the division again.
-Mark Mulder Retires
-Manny signs with LA
-CC CCCabthia signs with....the Yankees.
-Cards will not sign a top-line starting pitcher.
-US Military continues its dominance in killing the #2 guy in Al-Queda.
-In a play off batting the pitcher 8th, LaRussa decides not to play with a guy at shortstop as a way to generate more plays at the plate and leverage the strengths of Ankiels arm and Molina ability to hold on to the ball in a home plate collision.
-The travesty of Dan Haren playing for any team but the Cards continues.
-Giants win the Superbowl.
-I will hear at least 5 callers between now and opening day on STL sports talk radio call up and ask the host what they think about the idea of the Cards signing Mark Prior and/or Greg Maddux.
-Cards will sign Brian Fuentes.
-Colby Rasmus is in LF on opening day.

Also, did he or did he not win his 2nd World Series ring. This should have been a major celebration for our namesake So Taguchi. He once again propelled a team to victory. As the elder and much wiser blogger here at TST....and lets face it...I'm also the talent...I'm disappointed in our blog. I'm disappointed in us, we are better than this. So deserved much more than this.

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