Thursday, June 19, 2008

F You San Diego.......and Philadelphia

So Taguchi came to town last week and apparently he plays on a team full of assholes. The Philly team beat the Cards down pretty hard last Friday 20-2 plus the night was a mess with Springer getting ejected for absolutely no reason, followed by LaRussa, followed by Oqeundo, followed by some fan setting behind the ump. This made the next two days very sweet as we (The Cards that is) took the next two games . Regardless after Friday I came to the conclusion that Howard, Burrell, Utley, Rollins, Hamels, Jenkins, Gordon and definately Bruntlett are all assholes and for a brief few moments last weekend I hated them as much as I dislike the Yankees and at times the cubs.

Will the local artsy and edgy and free paper have an article on Taguchi's smile?

Baseball Tonight just closed with So Taguchi bowling.

On another note, I have no idea why the Cards fans always and I mean always talk about the Cards/Royals series as if it is pointless and doesn't mean anything and is the worst thing to happen since the All Star game ended in a tie. A couple of things to point out here:

1. A win is a win and a sweep is a sweep. It works both ways.

2. The Royals being a small market team and basically at the mercy of the 6 years that they get with players before they are eligible to become free agents and sometimes even at the mercy of the 3 years that they get before a guy becomes arbitration eligible will typically be either strong in hitting or strong in pitching albeit young but they will be strong or becoming strong or somewhere trending upwards with either their hitting or pitching and they will lose those players before they peak. This is why they are bad, its not because they don't have good players, its because they can't keep their good players and cannot acquire top talent. My point is this, this year they have some very good young pitchers, very good, better than the Cards and this was a tell, I'm sorry to say this was a good indication of how this Cards team matches up against good pitching in a short series. Its a long season, I know, but it was a short season in that the Cards had every opportunity to pick up two games on the cubs. Wasted opportunities add up, even against the Royals, no matter how much we look down on them and attempt to downgrade them.

3. This is a rivalry, ok, its not cubs/Cards or Red Sox/Yankees but I like it, I'm not a fan of interleague play but I like to see the Kansas City Royals at least once a year. Again, Zach Greinke, Alex Gordan, Teahan, Bannister, Soria, Buckner, maybe even DeJesus are potentially good to great players. Maybe the future Beltran or Damon will come out of that group. Plus, the Royals may not be bad forever and these early games are the foundation of long heated rivalry. What's the alternative, play the Reds or Pirates again?

4. Also, why was it such a big deal that the All Star game ended in a tie, I actually see this as one of the more intelligent moves that Selig made. Why go deep into extra inninngs using pitchers and risking injury for an exhibition game? Why was this seen as such an embarrasment? The game didnt' mean anything then, now it does, which one would I rather have? I would rather have the tie and the best regular season team getting home field advantage instead of what we have now. This could have made a huge difference to the 2004 Cards.

5. The Cards really won the 1985 world series, don't get me wrong I'm glad George Brett got to win a world series but c'mon, we all know who really won that series.

6. Yes, injuries happen, luck happens, players are streaky...I know but it works both ways. The Cards getting swept exposed some weaknesses, exposed some players. Can the Cards rebound ?Yes, absolutely.

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