Friday, June 20, 2008

Name that stadium: Round 2

As some of you remember, I posted a while ago and asked for new names for Wrigley. The impending sale of the team and the stadium has me quite worked up. Anyways, this may be somewhat premature, but who wants to guess at the new name for Busch Stadium III? With the impending sale of our beloved A-B to those Belgian beer whores, I am predicting that InBev will want to cut all unnecessary expenses. I'm sure naming rights to an American baseball stadium falls under an unnecessary expense. I understand that Busch Stadium III is under contract until 2025, but what about after that? What if InBev can buy out of that contract? Will we have Purina One Field? Capri Sun Stadium? I would personally love to see the Cardinals play at Summer's Eve Field. I know I am probably jumping the gun on this one. Maybe the InBev people won't be so bad. Maybe they'll honor A-B commitments to the city of St. Louis. Maybe not...a Cubs fan can always dream...

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