Thursday, June 19, 2008

St. Louis Sports Talk

To start I have to say that I very much like living in a city where there is always sports talk on the radio. I realize that if everything that I said about sports or my initial thought about certain subjects was aired to thousands or millions that I would also have a resume of stupid quotes and suggestions.

I think the best in STL is Bernie Mikalasz, I think the worst is Bob Fescoe followed very closely by Kevin Slaten. Bernie does get on my nerves sometimes with his attempts at coolness but solid analysis. Fescoe I believe tries hard but for some reason I don't feel like his heart is in this here. Kevin Slaten is pretty much horrible, although entertaining. His logic is horrible, his consistency in analysis and strategy is horrible, his perspective on players is horrible but he does call callers names and his whole show was like watching a car wreck. For now the car wreck is on hold as he got kicked off the air for putting Dave Duncan on the air without his permission and Duncan and the Cards threatened to take it to government authorities.

Also, the callers sometimes just don't get it. They call in and will make suggestions such as "Lets trade Anthony Reyes and Adam Kennedy to the Astros for Roy Oswalt and Wandy Rodriguez". Or "Albert is going to be going away in the next three years, lets trade him for some young guys".

Or "we would be better off if we had Eckstein right now".....

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