Thursday, June 5, 2008

Name Dropping....

1. Big Welcome to J2T to the TST family, our standards are high here in what we consider the Triple A of Sports blogging. I know it was a long road but you finally made it....

2. Part of the requirements for being part of the TST family is that I get to call you 4-5 times a week and talk about how great I am and how much of an A-hole you are. Ask Captain Awesome for the details.

3. What's up with FJM? This whole open letter business? Its not their style, stop it.

4. Big Brown has one job this weekend and this is: to not be euthanized on the track. If this should happen Horse Racing will be in trouble with Congress for awhile. There will be a national outcry and special news stories from CNN. Sure, people will be disappointed if you lose and don't complete the triple crown but in reality your only job is: don't get a lethal injection.

5. MLB , Roger Clemens and the New England Patriots are wishing and hoping that Big Brown is put down on the track this weekend taking the Congressional spotlight off of them for the next year.

6. I met Brian Mckenna from 590 the Fan and his wife this past weekend. He was suprisingly cool. I think we are best friends now. I'll add him to my list of major/minor/local/business celebrities that I have met or conversed with. Here is the list:

1. Rickey Henderon--In a hotel elevator. He was holding his daughter and he was with his wife and he told me not to bug him. JDCTCB and I did not say anything to him before he said this and we were standing behind him. Sort of funny.

2. Storm Davis-In a hotel elevator. Here is how the conversation went:
Runningman: Hey Storm Davis, can I have your autograph?
Storm Davis: I don't do that, I don't have the time.
Runningman: OK
Runningman: We are the only ones in the elevator and its 9 in the morning?
Storm Davis: I don't want to.
Runningman's friend JDCTCB: A-Hole

3. Mike Greenwell--Had long conversation with him. He was pretty cool. Talked about how he liked talking to people and how he slept till 10 am everyday among other things.

4. Dave Parker--Long convo. He talked about the HOF. Actually called back after he had to go for awhile.

5. Paul Molitor--At Ballpark and on phone. Long convo.

6. Tony Pena--Hotel Lounge. Claimed he didn't speak English. This was about 18 years ago so it might have been true.

7. CJ Nitkowski--We talked about his arbitration process and arbitration in general. He really hated the process. Also, I told him that JD Drew wimped out here and he disagreed and said he was cool and awesome. Also, he said he was surprised the Cards fans booed. I was surprised someone heard them boo.

8. Tony Beason--KY3 news anchor

9. Woody Paige--ESPN commentator and news columnist

10. Tim McKernan--The Morning After host on 1380 and founder. Former host of the Morning Grind on 590.

11. Jim "The Cat" Hayes--I yelled the "The Cat" while he was talking to Mark Lamping and he pointed at me and said "Thanks"

12. Mark Lamping--At the ballpark, rainy and dreary day and nobody around and it was about 1 hour before the first pitch right behind the Cards Dugout. Lamping was introducing "The Cat" to a group of rich people and Lamping said "Have you ever met Jim Hayes, he's like a celebrity here. Surprised no one is yelling his name or he isn't being swarmed, he's really popular". Refer to #11 to see what happened next.

13. CJ Wilson--Closer for the Rangers

14. Markus Heinsohn--Developer and Founder of OOTP baseball series

15. Dave Stewart--Former A's Pitcher

16. Jeff Small--Reporter--Race for the Cure

17. John Pertzborn--2 Fox Morning Anchor--Email

18. The CEO where Captain Awesome works.

19. Mike Gallego-Former A's Player

20. Walt Weiss--Former A's Player

21. Mike Wehner--Center for the Miami Hurricanes-Played Highschool football with him.

22. Zach Kelm--Manager for Skillet and other bands in Nashville--One of my very good friends in highschool.

23. Dennis Eckersly--HOF Pitcher, Cards, Red Sox, A's.

24. So, pretty much everyone from the 1989-1991 A's and Red Sox 25 man roster. Several times, JDCTCB and I went to a weekend series with them and Royals and we stayed at the same hotel. We made it a point to talk to all of them at least briefly. I pointed out those that went beyond "Hello". There are probably several other players from the Cards that I've talked with but can't recall right now. Typically, I don't ask for an autograph. The first one I ever did was Paul Molitor and the 2nd was Storm Davis. After Davis I felt like a complete tool for asking so I never did after that, plus I think autographs are cool but I'm more into talking about the process of the game, preperation, what the hell do you talk about in the bullpen, offseason activities, things like that.

25. Evan Crocker--KFNS GM

26. And now...Brian McKenna--Host of Mayhem in the AM on 590 the Fan.


Johnny-2-Turds said...

My list is a little shorter:

1. Luis Gonzalez at Paddy O's. He was in town commentating on the NLCS in '05. My girlfriend didn't think it was him until I pointed out that his forearms were the same circumference as my thighs. Then he took a picture with her.

2. Andy Benes at Lambert airport last summer. We were on our way to Jupiter, he was going to Oakland. He took a picture with me, then got on the plane. He was with his family. He seemed nice. They seemed annoyed.

3. Dicky V and the Schwab at Union Station during March Madness a few years ago. I yelled at them and they looked at me. Whatever that counts for.

Every other player I've talked to or gotten an autograph from has been inside Busch, so I don't think they really count.

Runningman said...

Ah, Luis Gonzalez. He's on my players who are tools list along with Brady Anderson and Craig Counsell.

Linlee said...

What about the guy you & Josh stalked at the hotel when you were a kid....who was that?

Captain Awesome said...

1. Kevin Greene - Linebacker for the Steelers, 49ers, Panthers. He's from my home town and came back to give the football team a pep talk. He's a meat-head.

2. Ron Santo - He was walking in the player's parking lot at Wrigley. I was walking by and yelled, "Ronny!" He waved.

3. Runningman and I passed Bob Howry at Union Station while the Cubs were in town. I didn't say anything because I didn't recognize him until he had already walked by.

I can't think of any others right now.

P.S. I just want to point out that Runningman stalks men. (See above comment)