Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Breaking News

I have now finalized details on my "Things I think I know" tour. As many of you know earlier in the year I toured the US and brought "Things I think I know" to such great cities as LA, Orlanda and Albequerque....I also should have done Santa Fe but I can summarize Santa Fe up in a few short sentences.

I think Santa Fe could have a really rich tradition and cool city but they have whored themselves out to tourists and for the most part Santa Fe really sucks. I do not recommend Santa Fe, there are other much cooler, less whored out cities to visit in New Mexico....there has to be. I give Santa Fe a score of 0 on a scale of 0-10. If Santa Fe played St. Louis in a soccer match and points were based on which city has whored itself out more Santa Fe would win 17-1.

Ok, back to my tour announcement. I am announcing the South American Leg and the Canadian Leg of my "Things I think I know"tour. The South American Tour will visit Buenos Aires and Pergammino, Argentina and Sao Paulo and Uberlandia, Brazil. The Canadian Tour will be Toronto.......eay.


Captain Awesome said...

Santa Fe would have a kick ass "whore-ish" soccer team. 17 goals??? I'm pretty sure that equals the total sum of offense in all of the 2008 Euro Championship Tournament. Well done, Santa Fe. Well done.

Runningman said...

xcept Santa Fe would then take every ball that was socred with, attach it to a dream catcher and then sell them for 99.99.