Monday, July 28, 2008

The worst thing about your team playing Milwaukee is...

...Cory Hart. I don't know why, but I despise this guy. He's never done anything to me. He hasn't gone all John Rocker and offended half of New York (that would probably make me like him more). I let it go when he was elected to the All-Star Game in the Final Vote. Actually, I was really busy that week and didn't blog much...but I still let it go. There's just something about this guy that makes me dislike him for no reason. Does anyone else get this way with certain baseball players?
Here are the other players I really dislike:
Yadier Molina is another one for me. I think the root of my Molina hatred comes from my frequent trips to Busch III (I would go to Wrigley more often, but its too far). I think I despise any player that has a name or nickname that rhymes with "hottie." If you can't figure out why, just visit St. Louis for a series.

J.D. Drew is one that I don't like. He always seems so self-righteous. It bothers me.

Rick Ankiel is unnatural. Few pitchers (or former pitchers) can hit that well. The one that comes to mind is Mr. Ruth. Ankiel is not the Babe.

(Notice how most of these are Cardinals?)

A.J. Pierzynski is a grade-A ass-hat. There's nothing more to it. He didn't deserved to be punched by Barrett for the play at the plate. He deserved to be punched by Barrett because he's an ass-hat.

Michael Barrett was a player that I really didn't like defending as a Cub. He just seems to be a complete moron.

Johnny Damon is a Neanderthal. Nothing more. He's just a caveman.

Stephen Drew...maybe I just hate him because his brother's a jack...that and the "ph" in Stephen.

That's all I care to list now. I am really beginning to think I have anger management issues. Why else would I project so much anger on these men who have done nothing to harm me?


Runningman said...

Disliking Molina is uncalled for, that crosses a line.

The others yeah I agree with you.

My #1 is Craig Counsell. No one else is even close.

Captain Awesome said...

Ugh. Craig Cousell. I forgot that guy.