Thursday, July 24, 2008

C.C. Sabath-tastic

You read it here first. C.C. Sabathia will, after this year, receive the most lucrative contract in MLB history. After watching C.C. embarrass the Cardinals last night, it is clear that he is in his contract year. He's going to make the most of the situation. Here's how he's made the most of his situation with Milwaukee so far: 4 games started; 4 games won (somewhat of an arbitrary stat, I know) ; 1.36 ERA; 33.0 innings pitched out of a possible 36.0; 0.85 WHIP; 3.88 K to BB ratio. Will Sabathia come back down to earth? Yes. Otherwise, he would win the C.C. Sabathia Award (Formerly Cy Young Award). The only caveat to my prediction that C.C. will be laughing all the way to the bank (the money bank) is that there may be enough pitching talent available through free agency that the contract numbers may be somewhat suppressed. For example, Ryan Dempster and Ben Sheets will presumably be available during the off-season (assuming they are not locked up by their current teams; possibility for Dempster, nearly impossible for Sheets).

On a lighter note (and I use that term loosely), I would really love to see C.C. and Prince have it out in the Sumo ring. That would be sweet...except for the big, half-naked dudes in diapers. Maybe that's not so cool after all.

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Captain Awesome said...

***Update to Runningman***
You may recall, Runningman, that I posed the question, "I wonder who was the last pitcher to pitch three consecutive complete games?" Well, I found the answer, my friend. The answer is Cal Eldred was the last to do it. He actually pitched four consecutive complete games in 1994.