Monday, May 5, 2008

McCarver Style

Tim McCarver is known as Captain Obvious.

Things I think I know since arriving in Orlando....McCarver Style (read these and pretend that Tim McCarver is saying them too you to maximize funification.)

1. Orlando is a city that is within the state boundaries of Florida, this means that it is a city in Florida and would be stated as Orlando, Florida.
2. There are three outs in an inninng, if a team has two outs and the next batter makes an out then they would have three outs and their half of the inning would be over with.
3. There is both a Mickey and a Minnie Mouse.
4. Airplanes are used best when they fly in the air, rather than attempting to drive the airplane on the ground to the destination.
5. Destinations are places that you hope to arrive at, such as Orlando in Florida.
6. If you leave your hotel room without a key and the door is locked when you shut it, this is what the locksmiths and those in the lock industry refer to as "being locked out" or just "locked out".
7. If a team wins 2 out of 3 games of a baseball game series, this is called winning the series. For example, if the Cardinals of St. Louis beat the Cubs of Chicago twice and lose once, the St. Louis Cardinals would have won two games and thusly would have won the series.

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Captain Awesome said...

Just to be crystal clear, Tim McCarver is Captain Obvious...not Captain Awesome. I am much more awesome (and less obvious?).

By the way, #6 on this list happened on my first business trip for Acme Chemical Co., Inc. I was caught by one of our VP's leaving the gym. That sucks when you do something bone-headed and then are promptly caught by your boss's boss's boss.