Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Willie Mays Catch Equation

Jim Edmonds made a Willie Mays style catch last night which brings up a topic that I have been meaning to bring up. But before I get to that I am obligated to finish any Jim Edmonds commentary with this: This should never have happened, none of this, the whole Cubs uniform thing, San Diego, 15teen, none of this, the Cubs aren't happy with this......you know that don't you? They're not happy, we're not happy, I am not saying you should have retired, I don't know what I'm saying, I guess I just wish you were still on the Cards, only playing against RH pitching and getting the day off after night games.

The Willie Mays catch which is often regarded by many as the best catch ever and often cited in highlight reels during the start of any baseball discussion is a very overrated catch. It is not the best catch ever, I can think of 1000 defensive plays that are better than this catch. Seriously, NFL receivers make this style of catch every week, sure the ball is bigger but they don't have a glove and they have a defensive back trying to knock them of course or get to the ball themselves. I don't get why people even remotely think this is the best catch. Edmonds has at least 5 catches that I can think of that are better. Anyway I'm rambling and becoming redundant about my rambling.

I think a lot of this "Mays catch is the best ever" has a lot to do with this equation:
There wasn't a lot of baseball to watch on TV back then+a really good catch+being on TV+Willie Mays is a superstar+experts trying to sound more intelligent by citing a black and white historical highlight instead of a modern day astroturf (this was true in the 80's at least) dome covered stadium in color highlight+ again some pseudo intelligence with attempting to comment on the social issues within baseball by citing this highlight=best play ever.

This is will now be referred to as the Willie Mays Catch equation.


Johnny-2-Turds said...

I can't tell you how giddy it makes me that you are finally on the record as being opposed to the Edmonds deal. It's so refreshing to have you commit to something.

I would also like to add that Tal's Hill is to baseball what Aestheticism was to art. That is, it is a hill for the sake of being a hill. But it is also there to make Jim "Hollywood" Edmonds look awesome.

Captain Awesome said...

Dear Mr. 2-Turds,
I believe it is I, Capatain Awesome, that you are trying to catch in a contradictory statement regarding one Jim "Jimmy Ballgame" Edmonds. Notice that I am not the author if this post. This was posted by Runningman, an avid Cardinals fan. Please be more mindful in the future.

Captain Awesome, Esq.

Johnny-2-Turds said...

How foolish of me. How predictable of you. I should have known better than to think you would actually come down on an issue and publish your opinion. God forbid that a Cubs fan risk putting anything on the line, lest he be proved wrong, or have to change his mind.

Isn't that the point of these blogs? Nobody wants to know that you don't have an opinion. If you have no opinion, then why have a blog?

I stand by my asessment of Tal's Hill, and would also like to say to Runningman that I am with him on the Edmonds deal. It doesn't matter how he does as a Cub, this never should have happened.

Captain Awesome said...

Re: Tal's Hill, I refer you to one of my earlier posts entitled "Worst Ballpark in the Bigs..."