Saturday, May 3, 2008

The more I drink, the easier this is to take...

According to Tim McCarver during the Fox game of the week today, the Cardinals are have been so good because they are afraid. According to Timmy, "Fear is a motivating factor. Guys are fighting for jobs and that is what has made the Cardinals so good." Using this logic, all Major League teams have it wrong. Don't pay millions of dollars for good players. Pick up 25 homeless people off the streets. Also, to keep them fighting, institute a policy where only players who put in playing time get to eat that day. The fight for jobs will be so intense, you will end up with a dynasty greater than the Yankees of the late 30's into the late 50's. Remember: million dollar, talented players = bad; homeless hobos = good.

I know what everyone is waiting for...everyone is waiting for me to comment on the Cubs/Cards series this weekend, but I am going to save my observations until after the game on Sunday night.

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Runningman said...

For each homeless person on the team your team chemistry increases by a factor of 10 ho's and often times is just refered to as the Ho factor (Homeless factor). Don't confuse this with the homo. factor which would decrease team chemistry by -10 homos. 1 ho is equal to 1.5 homo's (roughly) so you would need to have 2 ho's to offset any homo's that you have on your team. The Cards sure have a lot of ho's on the team.