Monday, May 5, 2008

Quick update....

John Kruk just said on Baseball Tonight that "Kevin Youkilis is a ballplayer, a ballplayer that can play".

So, maybe I should have a new segment on here regarding John Kruk. Not sure what to call it yet, lets review the other segments I have either done or have planned and maybe by the end I will come up with one.

I hate you Brady Anderson (the original name I had for this blog)
--this focuses on Brady Anderson-like people.....for further explanation look at Brady Andersons career stats and play the Sesame Street "which one of these doesn't belong" game. If you guess 1996 you would be correct.

--Random facts about So Taguchi from the internet.

The Rib Report
--Report and ratings that I give after I have ribs.

My least favorite Cardinal.
--Its still AK. A yearly but fluid award that I give out at the start of each year.

I love you Albert Pujols
--The best player in baseball since Arod is hurt. Focuses on AP or Arod and how great they are.

What would So Taguchi Do or WWSD
--So Taguchi takes questions and gives advice.

Things I think I know since.........
--Can be done as:
----Bill Simmons. Right now I feel like Matthew McConaughey in "How to lose a guy in 10 days" when he is watching the Knicks game on TV........."
----Mel Kiper. Orlando is nice pick, better than Milwaukee, a significant upgrade over Alburqurque, we don't know yet how LA is going to work out so its unknown, I would give Orlando a B, maybe an A if the location is better.
----Tim McCarver. The thing about writing a blog is that you have to type the words on what those in the industry call a computer.
---Others can be included.

So, the new John Kruk segment will be called "The John Kruk Chronicles" it will also be called "John Kruk Just Said..." if the fact that the segment has two names confuses you and on the surface doesn't make sense then....well.........that's the point, we're talking about John Kruk here.
--This will focus on what John Kruk just said on BBTN

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