Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Despite the funny glasses, Joe Maddon was right.

This post isn't about So Taguchi, but it does begin with a So Taguchi trademark...the swunt. Last night in a tight game with the Angels, BJ Upton swunts towards first base. He hustles (look at me ma, I used a form of the verb "to hustle") out the play and is called safe at first...until he overruns the bag. The ump thought that Upton made a move toward second, so he is called out after being tagged by the Angels. It was the worst call since the last time I saw a call that was equally bad or worse. This prompted Joe Maddon to come out and attempt to school the ump. The ump made this really smug look as he tossed Maddon.

Now, I don't normally agree with Maddon because he wears glasses and uses big words like "fabricate," "interpretation," and "rule book." If Maddon knew what was good for him, he'd sit around with Dusty Baker, spit chewing tobaccy and talk about how happy he was that Upton was called out so he couldn't clog up the base paths. Despite all of this, I agree with Maddon. It was a horrible fabrication of an interpretation of the rule book.

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