Wednesday, August 27, 2008

For Cardinal Nation, 2008 is in the books.....

Too much to overcome this year, too young, too many people going in different directions, too much luck needed that has finally run out. The Cards put together a solid year and persevered through patch worked pitching staff but it wasn't enough. What this year did do was give some younger guys and some never has beens an opportunity and they stepped up. Ludwick, Ankiel, Schumaker, Perez will all have a place on the 2009 team which, with some pitching help, should be able to match up better with the Cubs.

Additionally, I do not want Milwaukee to make it at all. This team is the Houston Astros of 2004-2005 years. They are annoying. So, I will soon become a big Phillies fan.

But wait a minute, let's look closer at this, if the Cards win tonight, Philly goes on a losing streak, Milwaukee implodes, we get some good outings from Wainwright...........2008 is still on.

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