Saturday, August 16, 2008

Milwaukee's little charade is cute, but I think it has run it's course.

I hate to bring this up just for the sole fact that this is a uniting theme between Cardinal fans and Cub fans. I am officially tired of Milwaukee's run at the playoffs. I think Cardinal fans are too. It came out of nowhere last year, and it was kind of cute. It was one of those "Awww...look. The Brewers think they are a contender. How prescious." kind of things. Now I am done with it. The Cardinals always seem to contend, I have accepted that fact. The Cubs, even for all their losing ways, can put together a winning team every six to seven years that will contend for a few years before dropping off. The Brewers became trendy last year and, like many trendy things, it's old now. Other trendy things that I would lump in with the Brewers: the macarena (too cliche?), Hannah Montana (and for that matter, Billy Ray Cyrus), Chumbawamba and Tubthumping, Pokemon, Giga pets, slap bracelets (remember those?), and Rick Astley. OK, OK. So Rick Astley was never popular...but you get the point.

The takeaway from this post is that I don't care that CC Sabathia can beat sub .500 teams; I don't care that Prince Fielder became a vegetarian because of his hippie-girlfriend; I don't care that Ned Yost condones domestic violence (see his comments below*); and I don't care about Corey all.

*Ned's comments after the Fielder-Parra altercation: “It’s a little bit rude when your neighbors are fighting next door for you to go knock on the door and ask what happened. We handle it ourselves. It’s between us and it’s nobody’s business. But it wasn’t that big a deal.”

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