Monday, August 25, 2008

Expanding to South America

So, I took a trip to Argentina and Brazil just for work purposes. Eye opening experience. I've been all over the world and I will say without a doubt that the USA is the greatest country in the world. Canada and maybe England can battle it out for 2nd.

Regardless, my latest thoughts:

--Is it really considered an 8 year drought that USA mens basketball team last won a gold medal in 2000. Since they only have the Olympics once every 4 years shouldn't it be a one-olympic drought. 8 year drought implies they have lost it 8 years in a row which they didn't. They only lost it in 2004.

--ESPN...I get hate NBC and the fact that they are covering the Olympics. You don't think they know what they are doing.....I know. I have to say that I wonder if you, ESPN, know what you are doing sometimes with Titletown USA and dare I say the "Who's Now" fiasco. NBC is doing this as a hobby while covering sports is your job.

--Why were the Olympics in China. Is it going to change their Human Rights issues and pollution issues? No, it won't.

--So, why is baseball being dropped?. Seems kind of ridiculous that ping-pong is an Olympic event but baseball isn't. Plus, what about football. How much fun would it be to see an American football team go up against a team from Switzerland. That would be great.

I'm ready for College Football and the NFL. It will be another rough year for the Rams but playing in the NFC will lessen the blow.

World Affairs
Hey Argentina...Would it kill you to put up stop signs at 4-way intersections?

I have to wonder if many life-long democrats are starting to secretly wish they had nominated Hillary instead of Obama now.

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Captain Awesome said...

A for Olympics observations...especially ESPN's envy.
A for football and world affairs.
F for injecting politics into this otherwise unadulterated blog.

I am going to declare myself as apolitical (I guess apathetic?). I can't stand campaign ads...from both sides. They take the general American public as a bunch of idiots. Not saying that they aren't, but I know the political ads are at least beneath me. That may sound conceited, but such is Captain Awesome.