Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympics Wrap-up

Today (yesterday in Chinese time?) wraps up the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (it sounds more official when you say it that way). Here are a few observations that I have from the games:
1. US won baseball bronze, but isn't that a kick in the cajones since baseball is "America's Pastime"?
2. Marathon runners are crazy...that includes you, Runningman. If running 26 miles makes you more manly...then sir, you are a better man than I.
3. Name 3 other male swimmers that competed in this year's Olympics besides Michael Phelps. Can't do it? Neither can I.
4. Is there anything greater that US women's sand volleyball? Didn't think so.
5. How would you feel if you won Olympic gold? Pretty good, right? Now, think about how you would feel if you won Olympic gold because of your trampoline routine. My point exactly. Trampoline is the Curling of the summer games.
6. Is anybody else creeped out that these Olympics happened in the future? Time changes freak me out.
7. Beginning a platform dive while doing a hand stand makes me think of the circus...or that Loony Tunes cartoon, High Diving Hare, where Yosemite Sam keeps trying to force Bugs Bunny to dive, but somehow Bugs keeps tricking Yosemite to dive.
8. I fully expect to see Usain Bolt comic books begin to grace the shelves of comic book stores in Jamaica...assuming that they have comic book stores in Jamaica.
9. What was with dropping the baton in the 4X100m relay? I understand that it will happen from time to time, but this is an integral part of the race. Their main thought should be "don't drop the baton." If they do (and they did) it really doesn't matter how fast they ran.
10. Redeem Team...anyone care about this? Anyone? No? Didn't think so.

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