Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My audition for

The Yankees are in trouble. Joba is out and the world hangs on the medical report that comes back on the injury. (New York cares about the injury, but because I choose to ignore that a world exists outside the city limits of New York, I assume that the world cares too...especially those in the Darfur region...I'm pretty sure Darfur is a neighborhood in southern Brooklyn.) Before the Yankees hooked up with Texas tonight, Rick Sutcliffe was asked if the Yankees are in a "dark period." Sut had this to say:

"This season has been a disaster," Sutcliffe said. He continued, "there's not enough fingers to fill all the holes."

Actually, Sutcliffe said something to this effect, "This season has been a disaster. It has been like a dam that keeps leaking. Now there's not enough fingers to fill all the holes." I think my ESPN-style journalism is much better to reporting the truth.

I am not making light of the tragedy that is still occurring in Darfur. I am also not making light of leaky dams.

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