Saturday, August 16, 2008

A New Frontier for my Carbon Dating Test...

2008 Beijing Women's Gymnastics. I'm telling you that this is the wave of the future. I am going to get in on the ground floor of this hot issue.

Just as an aside, I read somewhere that the IOC accepts an athlete's passport as proof of age. I think this was in an article. I'm really wondering if that is true. Why, when the East Germans were found to be participating in state-run cheating programs, would the IOC make it so easy for a country to cheat, age-wise? I guess if you think about it, age is an easy way for any country to cheat. If the U.S.'s best gymnast was 15, what would stop the government from issueing false documentation? (I don't see that ever happening in the US because the media would find that pretty quickly, but in countries where the media is controlled by the government, it would be much easier.) Anyhow, this is why my carbon dating methods will become the next big thing in sports.

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