Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm really starting to love this guy.

Who? Hank Steinbrenner, of course. You may recall that I called him my new arch enemy here. Maybe I wasn't being fair. I felt bad about declaring him my arch enemy based on one statment...that is, until now.

From the New York daily news:
Many people have been impressed with the Dodgers' recent turnaround, one which will likely land Joe Torre's club in the postseason next week. Just don't count Hank Steinbrenner among them. Steinbrenner, the Yankees' co-chairman, ripped Major League Baseball's divisional system in a column in this week's Sporting News, saying that the format allows teams to make the postseason even if their records don't warrant such an honor. "The biggest problem is the divisional setup in major league baseball. I didn't like it in the 1970s, and I hate it now," Steinbrenner wrote. "Baseball went to a multidivision setup to create more races, rivalries and excitement. But it isn't fair. You see it this season, with plenty of people in the media pointing out that Joe Torre and the Dodgers are going to the playoffs while we're not. "This is by no means a knock on Torre - let me make that clear-but look at the division they're in. If L.A. were in the AL East, it wouldn't be in the playoff discussion. The AL East is never weak."

Old Hanky says it himself. He didn't like it in the 70's but he hates it now...implying he hates it now because the Yankees' former skipper is headed to the playoffs with a worse record while the Yankees are sitting at home. It is making him look bad. How many times has this happened before? Now that it is happening to the Yankees, it is an issue.

This is exactly like the comments he made about the pitchers batting in the NL. Just because a Yankee pitcher got hurt running the bases, it is now an issue.

Am I being baited? I'm starting to feel like I'm being baited. Does Hank know that I love to hear these incoherent ramblings? Is he just baiting me to post? I doubt it, but why does he feel like he is bigger than baseball? Why does he feel like the Yankees are bigger than baseball?

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