Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Palin Hot Pictures...

...we have none of those here. What we do have is a tasty, creamy, nougat-filled baseball blog.

(Runningman and I thought that adding titles to our posts that match popular Google searches would help increase the number of hits the site seems like a solid strategy.)

And away we go...

I will routinely disagree with John Donovan of on a variety of issues, but I thought this little nugget that he uses as a lead in to his article about MLB injuries was pure gold:

Tom Brady goes down with a ripped up knee, sidelined for the season, and all of Patriots Nation suddenly looks like a stopped-up Bill Belichick. The pained faces. The mumbled replies. The hurry to get somewhere else.

Constipation jokes generally hit their mark.

John makes a really good point regarding injuries in baseball. In football, a star goes down and a team's chances seem to go into the toilet. Why wouldn't it seem this way? You only have 17 games to make your case for the playoffs. Baseball, however, better allows for injured stars to rehab and rejoin their team in the same season. A team may hit a slump for a while, but they are not as impacted by injuries as in football. Could it be that the number two guy in football is much farther behind the starter, talent-wise, than in baseball?

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