Thursday, September 11, 2008

Introducing The That's So Taguchi Hall of Fame and the Hall of Douchebaggery

So, this has been something that has needed to be done. I want to introduce two halls and layout the rules for introduction and expectations.

The So Taguchi Hall of Fame Bylaws

1. This shall be a list or club of people, objects, animals, really anything you want that is so awesome they are beyond reproach.

2. They do not have to be associated with sports, just awesomeness.

3. This Hall shall only be subject to limited reproach. No piling on with this group. They are TST Hall members and that means something dammit. To give you an example, whenever one of these members are brought up their should be a deafening silence like in the movie Twister when the tornado chasing clan is devouring their breakfast and they are discussing the different classes of Tornado's like F1, F2 and Bill Pullman/Paxton's girlfriend naively brings up "Is there an F5" and it stops everyone in their tracks. That is what it should be like when a member of this group is brought up.

4. In the presence of criticism of this group the TST author( me and Captain Awesome since J2T has gone Vince Young) shall respond with these phrases "Are you finished yet" "Can we move on" "Do you feel better about yourself now" and that's it. Do not belabor or validate their points.

5. Captain Awesome and I shall be able to nominate 2 potential members each per month. They have to be selected unanimously.

6. The presenter of the potential member should make their arguement. The other member should vote in the comments. These are the only two votes that will count and there should not be a lot of back and forth between I and Captain Awesome. Think of us as Supreme Court Justices delivering our brief. Supreme Court Justices don't argue back and forth trying to convince each other. Neither will we. We make our case for induction, the other person votes and makes their case for why they agree or disagree. Other people can comment or make suggestions for future members. This is welcome. Also, there should be no collusion such as "Hey Captain Awesome if you vote for Tommy Herr, I'll vote for Ryne Sandberg".

7. Membership is forever. Once someone/thing has been inducted they are a member forever and cannot be removed. Nor can they hold dual membership in the Hall of Douchebaggery as this would violate rule 3 of piling on.

8. I have to make this one last thing a bylaw just to emphasize its importance. Cal Ripken can never be in the TST HOF. The reason is because of his support of Brady Anderson to be selected to the BBW HOF. This was not necessary and very distressing for me. Cal Ripken is a great player, one of the best but I can not overlook this. However, he also is exempt from ever being a member of the Hall of Douchebaggery because of his greatness. Think of Cal Ripken as Fredo in the Godfather, he can never be part of the family but he can't get whacked either.

Hall of Douchebaggery (HOD)

1. All rules from the TST HOF apply except in the context of the HOD.

2. Voters need to be very sure that a threshold of true unreversible douchebaggery has been crossed as this is also a unreversible forever membership club.

3. Again, two nominations per month.

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