Sunday, September 28, 2008


I'm am going to join into this stupid debate that has gone on year after year. I am going to throw out my NL MVP choice and tell you why.

If I got the honor of choosing this year's MVP I would choose CC Sabathia...if the criteria was which player turned out to be the most valuable to their team. For some reason, a lot of baseball writers think this way. Of course, this isn't my view of the MVP award. I see the MVP award as the player that would be most valuable to any team.

So, who would I pick? Albert Pujols. Does this guy go through slumps? He has a bum elbow (has had it for years now) and he is consistently the best player in baseball day in and day out. I am not picking Pujols based on his performance in years past. Pujols is batting .357. He has 37 HR's. 116 R'sBI. He walked 104 times and struck out 54. He has a 1.079 OPS. This guy is a monster!

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Runningman said...

A pitcher should not win the MVP, that is what the Cy Young is for. I agree it should be AP that wins but then again we have "journalists" voting on this.