Monday, September 29, 2008

September Nominees

My September nominees

For the STS HOF:
Chuck Norris
--An icon, a man we all hope to strive to be but know that we can never achieve. He should carry the mantle of being the first inductee into the greatest and most exclusive HOF of all-time.
--Hank Aaron
--The all-time leader in HR's.

For the DB HOF:
Criss Angel
-This guy is such a tool. His "magic" is easily debunked as all you have to do is go out on youtube and see how many people can easily demo how he performs his stunts. He is an extremely poor "magician". He is extremely full of himself and not in a cool way but in a major douchebag way. He is so bad that my wife has banned his show from our house. However, I continue to watch when I can just so I have something to make fun of.
Brady Anderson
-He would have been the namesake of this website. Everybody needs to take note of what I am about to say next as years from now when this site is way famous there will be trivia about the little known facts about TST. Here is one of them. The original name for this site was "I hate Brady Anderson".
He is the father of steroids in MLB. Not Jose Canseco, not Big Mac, but Brady Anderson. Sadly Brady you dragged Cal down with you. No, Cal didn't do roids or maybe he did I don't know. But Cal stood up for you saying that you, Brady, should be in the BBW HOF thereby getting himself banned along with Brady.

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