Sunday, September 21, 2008

Return of the Great White Hope...


Acme Chemical Co. thought it would be a good idea to send me to Atlanta to go to a drug conference last week. It was informative. On the non-boring side of things, I took the time to visit Turner Field. It reminds me of Busch III. There were probably about 18,000 people there. Sad. I know the Braves aren't that good, but come on Atlantans (Atlantanites?). What the hell do you call people from Atlanta, anyhow? Turner Field gets a B+ from me. It was a good atmosphere, but could have been better with a better turnout.

On to things that I haven't yet commented on:

-What in hell was Brewer management thinking??? Seriously. Why fire a manager with two weeks left when you are in the heat of a pennant race? That was not done to shake the Brewers out of a funk. Did Yost sleep with Attanasio's wife? That's the only reason for it. Yost was good enough to lead them to a tie in the Wild Card with two weeks left to play, why isn't he good enough to lead the team to the end of the season? It's just stupid.

- Cubs clinched the NL Central...against the Wrigley...and clinched the season series against the Redbirds. What a glorious day this was for Cubs fans.

- The Cardinals got beat 5-1 by the Iowa Cubs the day after the Cubs clinched the NL Central. I say Iowa Cubs, but call it what you want: Cubs' B Squad, Hangover Lineup, etc.

- Congratulations to Rays fans. All three of them finally get to taste October baseball. (I kid because I care, really.)

- Farewell Yankee Stadium...although it was practically built new in 1974-75. It is still (partially) the House that Ruth Built.

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