Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where in the World is Runningman

So, I'm on week one of three weeks of traveling. Nicely this coincides with Today Shows Matt Laure "Where in the World is Matt Laure" Where everyday for 5 days Matt travels to a different spot. He was in Laos today, I am in New Mexico. Next week Orlando, the week after LA all for the Globex Corporation. What does this have to do with sports? Nothing.

I'll go SI's Peter King on you with a dash of ESPN Page 2's Bill Simmons with a pinch of ESPN NFL draft analyst Mel Kiper....(if you don't know who these people are google them)

A couple of things I think I know since being in New Mexico.

1. There is limited baseball on TV in New Mexico since they do not have a professional team in the state.
2. The NBA is still boring in New Mexico.
3. I really wish I could get into the NBA
4. New Mexico is dry yet I still have sinus drainage.
5. This conference makes me feel like I am Tom Cruise in "The Firm" when he show up at the tax conference in Washington DC. (my dash of Bill Simmons)
6. I'm very happy with how the Chiefs drafted. I give them an A+.
7. I give this conference a B. It would get an A but their interent access sucks as bad as Ocean's 12 sucked so I give the internet access a C on my scale of A to C which brings the overall rating to an B. (Bill Simmons and Mel Kiper combined style)
8. Canadian people are funny, even here in New Mexico. Funny in a ha ha sort of way as Joe Pesci in Goodfellas would say.
9. D-bag dudes who I have met who are from DC compared to the rest of the conference. 2:0.
10. On Monday I played darts and it was very evident I had not played darts in 10 years, on Tuesday I played darts and people considered me the expert of darts....strange, not Donnie Darko strange, but strange. My darts parter (note the missing N...that's Joe Morgan style) was this guy from Cuba named Renee who shook hands with his left hand. Yes, he was a dude named Renee and he was overly concerned with the dart tips yet I was comforted to know that I didn't have to worry about the dart tips since this was electronic darts and the plastic tips did bend easily.
11. While eating dinner last night at Pasqual's Cafe in Santa Fe, Clay said without prompting and totally not in the context of conversation "they should have a bacon dish where bacon is wrapped in bacon". Nothing ever made more sense to me.


Captain Awesome said...

You shouldn't have told us where you were. You should have given us clues. It's like I fly into New York and investigate the bank. Someone there tells me "Someone fitting that description was here. He had brown hair and he was converting his money to Rubles." Then I would be like, "Dude, he's in Moscow!"

Yeah, I rocked the "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" as a kid.

Captain Awesome said...

This "Clay" sounds like a fine, upstanding gentleman. Also, what's up with Renee and his dart tips. I'm not so sure that plastic dart tips are as interesting as Renee makes them sound.