Monday, April 21, 2008

Ryan Ludwick has Derek Jeter eyes...

Remember folks, you read it here first. What Derek Jeter is to the Yankees, Ryan Ludwick will be for the Cardinals. No, I don't mean the most overrated shortstop ever. That would require Ludwick to gun for Caesar Izturis' job. Not that he can't get it, but he's an outfielder. What I mean is that fans will fall all over themselves for Ludwick like they do for Jeter. Why, you may ask? That's simple. Ryan Ludwick has Derek Jeter eyes. They are "calm eyes" according to some sports writers. All it will take is for Ludwick to come through in a "clutch" situation in the post season and my prophesy will be fulfilled. You're going to have to wait for this, though. Check my first post. The Cardinals will finish 5th in the division...oh yes, they will.

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