Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Look Back on Opening Week

Opening Week 2008 was a week of learning for me. The following is what I learned:
-"One more 24oz beer" is definitely one more 24oz beer no matter how blitzed you are.
-Street side hot dog vendors are almost as good as the ones inside the ballpark.
-I can still remember all the words to Limp Bizkit's Nookie, but I can't remember where in the hell I put my keys.
- The Yankees truly are the root of all evil and nobody outside of New York cares about Yankee Stadium's "Farewell Tour." (I know this is somewhat sacrilegious to say this considering it is the House that Ruth Built, but a whole year of this crap? Really? Do I really have to hear the ESPN announcing team get choked up every time they talk about this until September/October?)
-A midday hangover is easier to deal with than a morning hangover.
-Should the Cubs ever move to a new domed stadium, I believe "The FukuDome" would be a fantastic name.
-I really don't like Dusty Baker, Joe Morgan, or David Eckstein. (OK, I already knew this, but Opening Week just reaffirmed those feelings.)

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