Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gamers V. Non-Gamers

Wow, I really hate the term gamers and grinders, I hate these terms but nonetheless here my list. Basically, if you want to know what qualifies a person for the list I'll give you the code. It is Players that I like and like how they play and will stop and watch their at bat and they have solid stats v. Players that annoy me. Active Players only


P-Dan Haren--I weep everyday knowning that you are gone Danny. I attribute some of mention here due to the influence from him being on both of my fantasy teams.

C-IRod-Solid catcher, HR's are going down year to year now, but ......he's a gamer.

1B-AP-- Should he stay relatively healthy and should his age actually be whatever it is now he will be one of the greatest sluggers ever. The HR off of Lidge is one of the greatest HR memories I have (hmm...that's idea for another list.)

2B-Alfonso Soriano--Oh, he plays the outfield now....Ok, then....Chase Utley.

3B-Arod--The best SS there ever was, I feel like an idiot even commenting on him...what he volunteered to move to 3B? Oh, and he's selfish? So, the guy is a power hitter in a position where there are few power hitters and he moves to 3B a power position. Wouldn't that affect the guys market value?

SS-Jimmy Rollins-Ok, so he didn't really deserve the MVP award last year but still I like him so he's a gamer.

LF-Manny Ramirez--I absolutely love to watch this guy play, I envision that this is the type of player that I would be except without all the talent and hair.

CF-Jim Edmonds--An electric player who deserves his own post, in his prime he was a deadly power hitter and if he could have prolonged that peak he would have been considered one of the great CF of all-time.

RF-Rick Ankiel--Yes, I know he plays CF but last year he played RF. I have to ask, why was this guy pitching in the first place, if he's this good of a hitter why, oh why?


P--Doug Jones--Tigers, why do you have this guy on your team and then put him in charge of closing out games. Why? Am I missing something? Plus, I think the guy is a tool=non-gamer.

C--Michael Barrett--Cardinal Killer when he was with the Cubs.

1B--Casey Kotchman--He's one R away from being Krotchman, I'm not mature enough to get past this.

2B--Adam Kennedy--Howie Kendrick you are very lucky that Adam Kennedy plays for the Cards otherwise you would be on my list just because of your name. You too Brian "I have magic powers that allows me to turn my power hitting on and off" Roberts. Anyway, back to Kennedy, I hate watching this guy bat, always up with people on, always finding ways to get out.

SS-Craig Counsell-Have you ever seen this guy bat? There were times when this guy played and I really felt like I was a better player than him. One of these days we will have the So Taguchi Players Club which will be players who play with the essence of So Taguchi and Counsell will be a charter member. I'm so annoyed I can't even finish the list now.

3B-Mike Lamb--This all goes back to the 2004 Playoffs against the Cards where I caught myself saying, "Oh no here comes Mike Lamb"....I will never forgive you for that.

LF-Jason Lane-Much like Blum in the 2004 playoffs, the 2005 playoffs had me begging pitchers to pitch around you, I hate you for making me feel like that. Honorable Mention: Eric Byrnes.

CF-Juan Pierre-I can't believe he makes more money than me. Honorable Mention: Felix Pie

RF-Corey Hart-I think I saw you on the cover of Teen Beat.

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