Monday, April 28, 2008

And Wrigley Field will now be called...

As I worked through my never-ending pile of work at Acme Chemical Co. Inc., I noticed the flashing icon at the bottom right of the screen that indicates that I have a new email. This icon flashes at least 70-80 times a day. I go into my inbox and see an email from my roommate, The Yellow Dart. Knowing I am a Cubs fan of the highest order, he felt the need to interrupt my Monday with a reminder that Wrigley may not be Wrigley Field by the start of next season. The Yellow Dart's offerings for the debate: Snicker Stadium, M&M Park, Skittles Field. My witty retort? Boom! Tough Actin' Tinactin Stadium at Vaseline Field. Although he disturbed my Monday and reminded me of the likelihood that some faceless corporation is going to rename my Graceland, he brings up a good point. Here are a few of my worst nightmares for renaming The Friendly Confines:
Enzyte Field
Gold Bond Medicated Ballpark
Poppin' Fresh Field at Pillsbury Yards
Ballpark Beef Franks Ballpark
Best Damn Stadium Period

(The Ballpark Beef Franks Ballpark is the most acceptable of this lot.)

***Calling all Comments***
Comment with your best/worst names for Wrigley. There's no money at stake, no prizes to be won but it will at least make for some interesting reading. Remember to enter your name when you post so we know who to attribute the idea to.


Runningman said...

I'm on board with Best Damn Stadium Period!
I also like "M&M's Peanuts Now with bigger nuts Stadium" I think the new trend of stadium naming might be naming it after a product and providing some promotional pitch in the name.

Also, "Dr. Scholl's are you gellin? Stadium"

Erin said...

How about Ding King Field at Mighty Putty Stadium with Billy Mays doing play-by-play??

The Yellow Dart said...

I propose a compromise..."Billy Mays - Now With Bigger Nuts Stadium". Maybe that is a bad idea. How about "Landshark Park"...a mixture of Miller Park and Busch Stadium?

EH said...

Landshark is an A-B product, so how is that combining the two stadium names?

Runningman said...

I don't get the Billy Mays thing...who is Billy Mays? The infomercial guy? What is Ding King? WTF?

Thumbs down all around.