Thursday, April 17, 2008

Not a baseball post, but kind of a baseball post.

I was on my way home from the office this evening and I shared the commuter train with more than a few Cardinal fans who were a little upset about the extra inning loss to the Brew Crew. One individual took it especially least I think he did. Why else would he be so drunk?

Let me set the stage. I was not paying much attention to anything when the train passed Busch Stadium. A guy and a girl stumble on. Here is part of their conversation:

Guy: Look at the girls on here. They're checking my sh*t out.
Girl: Shhh.
Guy (yelling): Boo-ya!
Girl (quieter): Boo-ya. Don't touch me.
Guy: You want it bad.
Girl: We don't do that in public.
Guy (yelling): Boo-ya!
Girl (singing loudly): I want to kiss you all over...and over again...I want to kiss you all over...until the night closes in.
Guy (yelling): Oh my god! We're going to get shot!
Girl: Shhh.
Guy: They're just mad at us because we're smart.
(phone rings; guy answers it)
Guy: Hello...We're trying to ride the train...She won't let me get off this f*cking thing...
Girl : Shhh.
Guy (yelling): Why are we on this thing?
(girl takes the phone)
Guy: We're in the white part of town.
Girl: Shhh.
Guy: Was that your boyfriend?
Girl: Yeah, he wanted to know where we are at.
Guy: Is he pissed?
Girl: No.
Guy: He better treat you right. If he doesn't, I'll throw down.
Girl: Shhh.
Guy: No! Let's have a showdown right here. He better treat you right.
Girl: He does.
Girl: Stop. You're making me hot because you're kissing all over my sexy body!
Guy: Boo-ya!

I'll spare you the rest. I love day games.

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