Thursday, April 24, 2008

The next MLB scandal will involve carbon dating.

As Runningman and I reflected on the latest developments in the Miggy Tejada scandals, we came to the conclusion that MLBPA will next be fighting the MLB brass on carbon dating of players. This makes sense, though. Major League ballclubs are multi-million dollar organizations. They invest millions in something as fleeting as athletic talent. Why shouldn't these organizations be better able to protect their investments? I would like to state once and for all that I am in favor of carbon dating for players. I'm sure that if this policy was instituted, I would finally have proof that Lil' Davey Eckstein is the Doogie Howser of the baseball world. I'm taking all bets on his age:
12 years old is 2:1
13 years old is 3:2
14 years old is 7:1
15 years old is 18:1
16 years old is currently the long-shot at 32:1


Runningman said...

Please no post on misspelled circumcisions.

Captain Awesome said...

Are you referring to Lil' Davey's briss? Actually, he's probably already gone through that...he's Catholic.