Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Yin and the Yang

I am referring to the Tigers and the Cardinals. Forget that fate caused them to cross paths in the 2006 Fall Classic. I am looking at the MLB standings as of 4/15. This all may be a fluke, but I have a problem with the Tiger's 4-10 record when compared to the Cardinals 10-4 record. This is one of those things nobody saw coming. Its like when the neighborhood association shows up at your door with pitchforks and torches because the shingles on your doghouse roof don't match the shingles on your roof. You just aren't ready for this kind of thing and you stand there in your underwear and robe and helplessly try to explain the situation in terms people will understand. The way these two teams are playing is making me nervous. I picked Detroit to win the AL Central and the Cardinals to finish 5th in the NL Central. I know there is a lot of baseball left to be played, but things like this make me second guess my picks...just like the green shingles for Rover's roof. I thought they complemented the gray shingles on the house roof. Anyhow, I had better go quell the neighborhood...

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