Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Least Favorite Cardinal 2008

Well, its that time. Time for me to announce my least favorite Cardinal for 2008. I was going to do it yesterday but then postponed for a day because I didn't want the NFL schedule announcement to steal my thunder. We have a trophy and certificate which will be sent to the winner.

My least favorite Cardinal for 2008 is............Adam Kennedy. The guy looks like he forgot how to bat and now he looks like he is developing Steve Sax syndrom and has forgotten how to throw the ball from his position as a 2B to 1B. His .219 BA and .282 obp and 3 HR's was suppose to be an abberation. I am skeptical. My only hope is that when Kennedy locks himself in the clubhouse bathroom to secretly sob away from his team mates that he remembers that this game is suppose to be fun, that if he is going to strike out looking horrible and throw the ball in the dirt a routine grounder that he should be having fun and smile. Just like So Taguchi did.

This isn't a title that is permanent, it certainly could change. Todd Wellmeyer is the runner up so if things start to go bad and Kennedy plays averagish (which is all I'm asking). Then I may have to send a certified letter to Kennedy asking him to leave the trophy, white out his name on the certificate and write in Todd Wellemyer (I'm sure Adam will know how to spell it) and leave it by Todd's locker.

Previous Winners
2007 So Taguchi
2006 So Taguchi
2005 Hector Luna
2004 Hector Luna
2003 Eli Marrero/So Taguchi
2002 Miguel Cairo

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