Thursday, April 17, 2008

So, what's this all about

Its really very simple, my friend Captain Awesome and I talk about sports quite a bit and we wanted a way to capture a small percentage of the things we talk about. Typically, its nonsensical, and the discussion will weave in and out of topics like "how great bacon is", to "How Manny fell down in the outfield taking a cutoff throw" to "Why relationships are difficult" to how "Baseball is a good business process improvement model" to "Why is LaRussa batting the pitcher 8th and oh, Ned Yost is doing it too". So, this is a way to capture some of those conversations.

We readily admit we are fans of but this site is not trying to be like that site. We won't discuss stats that much, not that we don't talk about them or know about them because we do and actually a lot of my job is using some process improvement related statistics, also we typically are not going to tear apart articles, unless there is an article about So Taguchi. But rather our discussions and topics will be more random just like So Taguchi defensive abilities, the theme will be sports with a sub-theme that follows So Taguchi and sub-sub theme that follows the Cardinals and a sub-sub-sub theme that might mention the Cubs every now and then.... but really nothing is off-topic.

Why don't you like So Taguchi?
I don't dislike him, I'm know he is a good guy. I really dislike very few players and I think expectations of them are not reasonable. The players I dislike will be called out here eventually. What I dislike is the overvaluing and misuse of bad to average players by managers who are suppose to be experts and genuises of the game. Not to mention there is some essence or aura around So Taguchi, I don't know what it is, the deer in the headlights look after he misplays a ball or how hopeless I felt when he was used as a pinch hitter in the 9th.

However, So Taguchi the phrase is simply because he has the misfortune of having a name that sounds like it can be used in a sentence as a noun, verb or adjective either in a bad, good or indifferent way.

In Summary:
So Taguchi the player = Certain players with the odd talent of being very annoying even though they are probably good guys but who really cares if they are they are because they are still annoying on the field.

That's So Taguchi the phrase=A phrase that may or may not be associated with So Taguchi playing abilities but can be used as an adjective, noun, verb...really its all in the users intent. Its just a fun phrase that Captain Awesome agreed too and liked after rejecting my first name for the blog which was "I hate Brady Anderson".


Captain Awesome said...

...and why are the Cubs a "sub-sub-sub topic" when the Cardinals are only a "sub-sub topic"? I reject your assertion that the Cardinals are more important than the Cubs. Afterall, the Cubs never ran So Taguchi out on the field...ever.

Runningman said...

Yes, but Felix Pie..c'mon.

Captain Awesome said...

But Felix Pie is better than So Taguchi...and it sounds more delicious. That doesn't warrant that the Cubs be a sub topic under the Cardinals.